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Red Eyes V.S. Magenta Eyes for Vinyl Scratch.....All I can say is.... Their Red baby! You can tell all the other ponies its okay now. I know they gave her Magenta eyes in the actual episodes, but still..... a lot of the fanbase was convinced and excited to say she was the true one to pull off red eyes and make it look smexy. Thats my only pet peeve. As always...Pony on! (\ ^_^ /)

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I know exactly what you mean! The closest one I could possibly drive to without breaking the bank, and having to take like 5 days out of work would be the Sweet Apple acres Appaloosa one. Even that is still a good several hours drive. It would be worth it in my opinion. Though I hope to see much more famous guest coming to that one. =D

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Yo sup broffessor =D

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Hopefully there will be one someday soon within 1-2 states away from Florida, because I would definantly wish to go to one. This would be my first, and certainly not my last if I can help it. =D anyhow, thinking a convention in either Atlanta Georgia, Pensacola Florida, Mobile Alabama, or even Tampa and Orlando Florida would be do able. So stoked to one day meetup with so many awesome peoples. Peace all =D

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I am soo totally game for this.

Honestly this music could very well bring a new standard of approach to an already blossoming TV series, which as mentioned above in the description, does have the potential to fit into a Japanese pop cultural reference.

Most interesting of head lines on EQD. =D

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Im thinking that after seeing all the new additions, and incredibly imaginative new theme rides and attractions Universal has to offer.

Not to mention the whole new section for an entire Harry Potter themed world in itself, but just imagine how well Universal Studios could do if they produced attractions that could be so innovative that they could incorporate the show into their attractions like they do with some of the best movie franchises to do date.

This was a great post on EQD; Universal is my choice. =D

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Aight Id like to include this song in particular.

I know that this song is within that range of generalized dance/techno musics, but this one blows me away as it reminds me of the voicing for more popular artists in mainstream media like basshunter...etc... And the video is what made it all the more bad ass. Tell me what yall think. Bro-hoof*

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I agree that was a nice addition to the plethora of endless music genres for the fandom. Id like to see more unique instrumental musics come out and get the spotlight.

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I love that one too! It has only so many views yet it has fantastic harmonics between classical instrumentation, but with a modern dance music like twist to it! good song choice. =D

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<------this guy approves of your post Colgate. I am most intrigued by this alicorn preparation idea since the mystery of what twilight's true future holds for her was becoming more and more apparent as the episodes progressed. To make a finer point on this subject, from the episode on the crystal empire, i could not help but wonder the long and underlying talks between Luna and Celestia about Twilight's so called "test" and the subtle hints of a very important role that both the two royal sisters have supposedly been preparing twilight for as she progress's in her life. cant wait to see what happens in time. P.S. and yes i agree she doesnt need to become a alicorn till more toward much later episodes. =D