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"Strange statements"
1.“ if Jesus is a Jew, then Christianity is a nonsense” . Such prominent catholic writer as C.S. Lewis understood it and worked very hard to prove that Jesus was not a jew.
2.“Islam is closer to Judaism than Christianity” Well known rabbinical opinion. Islam also recognizes it. As a result – Maimonidis is respected in Islam as a moslem scholar. References in Koran not only to The Bible but also to Talmud.
3.Anti-semitism in the bible. Many sources, start with – The Bible – Humbug and Horror by Michael Glass.

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consider Islam having a lot in common with other religions (so does The Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury and leading Rabbis). At the same time not only I do accept the differences, but on one occasion explained from a historical aspect why there are differences between three religions. No one argued against my statement, but as usual I was called names.
I also argued against such labels as Islamo-fasists and others as I think moslems is bad/good enough and anything else just makes it artificial and not acceptable to a larger and lesser educated audience.
Often criticism was puzzling as it had nothing to do with my statement. I also give some people benefit of the doubt as English is my 5th language, which I started to learn after I was 30 y.o. and may not express myself well enough. I did not leave JW because some people did support my opinions and defended my position.
As to a tactic to raise my score, I actually enjoyed being unpopular. It amused me as such aggressive anti-islamist like myself can be so unpopular on such anti-islamist site.

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I am sorry. I missed the question not ignored it.
This is position of catholic church expressed by The Popes and documents of the church. Google Catholic Church+Islam. It is also the official position of The Anglican church. There is of course The Bible story of Ishmael which supports such position.
I have never change my position on Islam. I have never apologized for Islam. Same of the statement I made today are the same I made on JW more then 2 years ago. Maybe because I insisted to call Islam a religion rather then cult or other names given by the bloggers, some people understood it as an apology. I also insisted that the war with Islam could not be won by people proclaiming faith (any faith).
My unpopularity on JW mainly comes from my position on faith. I

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Yesterday I got -7 for my comment, today I already have +5 for defending that comment.
Am I on a wrong blog?

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dancing on the news when Buddhists, Christians, hindus or jews are killed. They are happy when an enemy is dead. Do not rush to bring me to their level. None of the books of mine says that moslems have to be killed to bring paradise to earth.
I hope the administrator had better reason to remove my comment then PC. I am hostile to the moslems and will continue to be hostile to them. I do not employ them, do not buy their products and services, openly express contempt toward them and try to make them as uncomfortable as possible. I feel contempt for those who on this blog mention “moslem friends”, sorry, never had any – never will.
As for those who believe in Santa Clause, babies in the cabbage and “high moral values” not to express satisfaction that fewer moslems pollute this earth, remember the road to dhimmitude starts from the first step and you made it.

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My comment yesterday on what happened in Thailand was removed by administration for I expressed satisfaction on the news that moslems were killed. Some comments on the post were full of “moral” BS:
“I am never joyful when people are attacked - muslims included…”
“I leave that sort of joy to to the islamists.”
“ They were simply whorshippers in a mosque”
InfidelPride at first almost agreed with me, but at the end made a 90 degrees turn.
Buddhism has been tolerant to Islam for many years. It is Islam that is not tolerant to Buddhism. Buddhists did not start the bloodshed, moslems did. I do not accept that there are innocent moslems. They all believe in Koran and it says that hindus and buddhists have to convert or die. Every jew should be killed as well. People with such believes are my enemies. I do not love my enemies I think it is an immoral command. And I do not accept hypocrisy. I can understand moslems

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Rabbis still have a lot to answer for many lives lost during the WWII. They advised congregation not to oppose germans and not to flee from them. God will provide salvation – was the massage.

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Kissing an ass, his holiness shouldn’t be surprised of a fart in the face.

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Quite so. But what the hell it has to do with my post???

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“Jesus (Yeshua) was indeed a Jew. Born of a Jewish mother, circumcised on the eighth day, read lessons in the synagogue and could be found teaching in the Temple area. He was , in fact a Jewish Rabbi. How on earth do you arrive at the conclusion that this makes Christianity a 'nonsense'?”

This is a gem!!!