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Yes, I agree with you. I like many millions in India are interwoven in friendship with Muslim people . My remaining post was to make a point that this radical group wants to tear that fabric which can bring big chaos in India . It is up to us and moderate Muslims to out these radicals. As reporter, it would be very useful through investigative research and reporting to find out what section of Islam these terrorists come from in recent debacle in Mumbai and past incidents.
In regard to this, do you have statistics what population of Islam are Sunnis, Shias, Ismaili etc. in India?

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Vinod, My post was little long and your site did not allow to complete it.

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Vinod, Your article does raise interesting points like how Islamic intellectuals propagate terror but it would be very engaging if historic perspective is brought out. Terror did not just began on 9/26 but began 1300 years ago from Saudi Arabia which itself had Hindu influence. Islam since it's start had been converting all it's neighboring countries all the way West to Spain and towards East they converted whole of Hindu Kush present day Afganistan to all the way to tip of Indonesia. What is interesting about this is that Islam culture is different in each region. For example, there is a big struggle between Shia and Sunni and Iraq war is about struggle between Sunni dominated Saudi Arabia and Shia dominated Iran, Iraq and Syria. Shia dominated regions are culturally rich and embrace progress and modernity and generally toterate other cultures. These are secular countries and get on well with other democratic countries, example Iran and India. Apart from Shias there are different shades of Muslim throughout whole region. In India you have Kutchi, Boras, Voras, and other Ismaili and in places like Indonesia converted muslims there have strong heritage of Hinduism, where even young Barrack Obama came across Hanuman.

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Hello Vinod,

I read some of your articles on China which you view relationship with suspicion. Building an arms race, India and China will damage each other but working together they will bring prosperity to each other country and whole of South-East Asia. In time, China will realise that it's not in their best interest to occupy Tibet. That does not mean, India should remain weak. India must remove current political base which is its major weakness but instead go back to its root and adopt monarchy and adopt the ideals of Ashoka the Great, who one time had influence borders of Iran throughout South East Asia and China.

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Hello Vinod,
India has attacked China for past 2 millions without sending a single soldier to that country. Lastest attack was on May 12, 2008. with hundred of thousands of casualities in China. That may confuse some your readers so let me explain. Geologically speaking Indian subcontinent plate moves north at the rate of 6 inches per year and punches north like an anvil. It gives earthquakes into north-east - China and north-west- Pakistan.
Once, a Chinese ambassador said that India won wars in China without sending a single soldier. He said in compliment that there is so much Indian influence in China and everywhere in South-East Asia that is very positive. Today, India is a major influence in positive way around the world. Just look into history and we see Sanskrit is base of all languages, Yoga and meditation, medicines, mathematics and religion and it's idea of karma which Sharon Stone uses. I urge readers to read vedic influences by Stephen Knapp.

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I have been able to post comment to Ravi but a long comment I had for your article is not able to through. May, I just e-mail that to you?

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Due to media coverage contending Obama's lack of experience you have joined the band wagon without any thought. What experience did President Bill Clinton showed in 1992 when media was echoing Bush Senior humbling them by calling them hubba-bubba. Yet, he has been the best President in modern times. From debates that I have been following Sen. Obama he shows a far better leadership in shaping his party and has far lofty vision for better future for the world. Jindal may be a brilliant guy but I have yet to see his vision.