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No mention of a gun mart and ammo range? Bah, these folks are losing their edge.

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Unfortunately, you are absolutely right. Sometimes its better just to kill the bad guy. But still, I don't think there's a legal or moral obligation to arrest him if he's not a US citizen, not in the US, and not covered by Geneva Conventions (which apply only to uniform-wearing troops of signatories to the treaty, as W made abundantly clear).

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yes, all this energy would be better spent on someone who wasn't a certifiable murdering a-hole. Holder's got a point, too. Besides, imagine the political shitstorm if we had captured the guy? Send him to gitmo? draw and quarter him? solitary until some Republican president trots him into daylight to scare grandma every four years?

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Wonketteers have been all-snark, no common sense lately. Osama wasn't in the US and wasn't a US citizen. There's no legal or moral obligation for the US govt to arrest or detain him. Capping his ass was totally legal and morally defensible, and probably good public policy to boot.

Now, celebrating his death in the streets - indubitably tacky and sort of sinister. but hey, those kids out there grew up with OBL as their boogeyman.

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I am outraged that this place has neither the airport-quality food or the airport-level prices I've come to expect in DC.

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I think some Wonketteers are confusing Bush's deliberate mischaracterizations of Iraq and Ghaddafi's serious desire to kill a boatload of people. If France and the UK, let alone the Arab League, are willing to actually join in on this after all the bullshit over the past decade, you know that real shit was going down.

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I'm with Mumbly. Obama sounds like Bush, only in that Bush co-opted and perverted the language of just war on humanitarian grounds to defend his adventure in top-down regime change in Iraq. Obama sounds like Bush, but Obama's actually right. He's fostering a nascent bottom-up democracy movement across the region, not just in Libya. He's signaling that massive violent repression will not stand, and Arabs now get that if they push hard enough, even the worst regime will fall (because those regimes cannot use the full tools of state repression, a la Ghadafi). If ghadafi had been allowed to execute a massacre in Benghazi, Syria would also be a friggin BLOOD BATH right now. So yeah, Obama's improvising along the way and reacting to events outside his control, but this is the moment of history that will solve so many of our problems in the middle east (including Israel-Palestine) if the end result is democratization across the region.

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Do we know she was raped? The idea of being gang raped in a crowd is horrid. Most of us have concluded that from a rather opaque (and so slightly salacious) description, but "sexual assault" is such a broad category that she could have just been smacked around and groped a bunch. If she was raped, just tell us. The problem with the lack of information is that it allows folks to go down the Jessica Lynch route.

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I was planning on fapping to this post, but I'm on empty after this: http://www.sarabenincasa.com/photo12.html

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yeah, i've done a fair degree of searching around town (esp the burbs) over the years, but i think DC chefs labor against bad water, ok ingredients, and high rents. plus, i'm native to a certain grand city in the PNW with a local food scene unparalleled in the US, so i have low tolerance for treating grade B food like its grade A.