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Couldn't have said it better. Building industry is getting slammed by the lockdown. Despite the fact we are advertising locally, people are overly cautious and afraid to call.

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That's the point! A lot of people from Glasgow have been saying before that this sort of investment is unacceptable because it's expensive and inefficient compared to other cheaper options, for example traffic reduction in places where it is most recommended. Incidentally, the EU wants to introduce an aviation tax. They thought that air travel was too cheap.

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I can agree with that.
House prices, real estate and labor costs are very high. The construction industry is one of the first indicators of the crisis because it reacts immediately to the volume of demand and supply. It is hard to deny that the warning signs of the global economic crisis of which the signs are already visible, especially in this industry. People build fewer houses, fewer renovations are carried out.

A change of attitude of entrepreneurs and ordinary people is needed to regenerate the economy.