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Good god... It's a wonder you have any friends at all. So that's what people are to you? Potential sources of income?

How can you have grown up in the real world, and still think this way? There's no way you've ever had an honest to god male friend in your entire life. Let me tell you right now that those people you think should be paying you weren't getting anything out of the relationship either, that much is obvious.

Have you never heard of the effeminate man who lets his female friends confide in him all the time? Who makes a point of being a listener? Do you genuinely not believe these people exist? If so, this is proof that you've had very limited social experience in your life. I know this comment will get deleted, because people who are insecure and who make faulty arguments are one to filter out challenges and dissenting opinions, but I do hope you read this yourself, and seriously consider actually going out into the world and learning something about people. I actually feel bad for you, because there's no doubt you have trouble actually making friends.

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What's with all the capital lettering? I kind of thought that was only something teenage youtube commenters did. Also, Cabin In the Woods was amazing.