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And surrender more and more land to the total rule of this Satanic Cult?

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Calvin Coolidge's Presidential Library is a room at the town library in Northampton, MA where he practiced law. Clinton's 'library' (read Shrine) cost 165 million dollars. Bush's library will probably cost even more. Do you think Obama's library will be in the U.S.?

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These good innocent people welcomed a terrorist mass murderer with an immense hero's welcome. A man who smashed a little baby girls skull as her father watched.
An ecstatic nationwide welcome.

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Supremely disingenuous answer. Bland, well practiced and you ARE NOT FOOLING US ANYMORE.

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Something most people don't know about starvation is the PAIN. Calcium deprived muscles cramp in agonizing tetany, poisons accumulate in the system, one can taste the decaying of one's own organs in the mouth. Think of the worst flu-like muscle aches and joint pains and this is normal.

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For those of you who follow steath jihad in the U. S. remember something THIS is Islam in the U.S. with ONLY 1% Muslim population. Can you imagine 10-20%?

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Now, more than ever, Israel is implicitly part of the Arab world and the region. This is because the majority of Israeli Jews are now Sephardic ex-dhimmi refugees from the rest of the Arab world surviving centuries of degradation and even massacre. Far from being an 'alien' colony of European Jews, Israel is an enclave of REALindigenous refugees huddling together on a tiny piece of land for sheer survival. Not so the so-called 'Palestinians'.

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I find it baffling that he does not GIVE these miniscule numbers who responded? I am awfully curious what percentage it is? Also, were there ANY comments negative or positive in response? These are two obvious journalistic gaffes that I (and my curiosity) find rather annoying.

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The sixties ethos distorted warped and almost ruined my intellectual, spiritual and emotional life. I loathe all of it and its hellspawn and I was part of it.

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Obama's honeymoon with Islam will soon be over. Islam is a diseased lover and what ever she gives birth to will be covered with oozing syphilitc sores and glows in the dark.
Obama+Palestinians = Peace ? I don't think so.