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There's a Moon in the Sky, It's Called the Moon - The B52's

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know whats disappointing to watch? a video of Rachel Maddow Berating 9/11 truthers b/c she believes the NIST govt version so strongly

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these United Snakes have Spoken and made Sen. James Inhofe our Bold New Scientist In The Senate, please make a note of it

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like swine flu, bird flu, legionnaire flu, and all the other rubbish, Kaci Hickox knows Ebola is a Hoax and refuses to play the MSM fear game

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Representative @stevekingIA is so smart 'cause he takes smart lessons from his super-smart best pal rep. louis gohmert and also puts smart pills in his Klown-Shoes every night at bed-time where he goes to dream of drug mules with calves like cantaloupes

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but on the very anniversary day, after weeks and months of planning, when Moon and Stars were said by Science to be just right, and in our glorious Navy Seals favor, we are told, they went forth Really killed the Real actual elusive Osama Bin Laden who was the Villainous Arch Nemesis of our Glorious Commander Codpiece and it just happened to really happen on the Anniversary Day of that Glorious Day when Commander Codpiece landed his Glorious Fighting Jet Fighter on the Glorious deck of the USS Mission Accomplished off the coast of San Diego. and stuff

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a coincidence b/c always pronounced her name like "Sodamotor"

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Wow, A real life female Dale Gribble ! Cool !

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She wrote that? gosh, that's like dennis miller caliber un funny.

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#Stench #Stench lit a Fart, Blew the whole dang thing apart ! #Orsomething