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Franken is a moron. What a sad commentary it is when a total boob like this can be in the Senate. And he's probably not even the biggest idiot there, which is freaking scary.

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Yeah, better check the legislation. There's probably something in there that has nothing to do with school lunches. Maybe a carbon tax, or maybe something to do with healthcare. Remember....if they want you to look at the right hand, you better watch out for what they're holding in their left.

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Ah yes, the nanny state continues to roll. What next? I agree with rckmom. How about teaching the kids some history? It amazes me how little our kids know about the history of our country. A little geography perhaps? My daughter is a high honors student, but hasn't got a clue about what goes where as far as our country goes. It is really sad. I won't even get into the amount of money being spent. But I guess with multi-trillion dollar deficits as far as they eye can see, a few billion here and there is just a drop in the bucket. God save us all.

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Divide and conquer....these people are following the "Rules for Radicals" playbook to a T. Unbelievable.

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Talkzalot why don't you just die you idiot?

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McCain=RINO.....Republican in Name Only....only voted for him because it was a vote against the Socialist....

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Think you're on the wrong site sparky.....

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I don't give a rat's ass about the last two elections; why are you even here? If you don't believe in the 9/12 project, why don't you go to someplace like moveon.org....I'm sure they'd love you there. For me, I have principles and values....and I'm not selling them out for some alleged "majority" opinion....

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People, did you ever hear the saying, "All politics is local".....that is where we need to start; the good thing about Congressional elections every two years is that we can hold their feet to the fire; we need to keep writing to the editors, writing to Congress, informing people, holding these rallies and so on; of course we will need a fair press to give coverage to it, where we tend to fall short; we need to as Conservatives, or Libertarians use the Internet, the blogs just like the Democrats have; I think that Glenn is on the right foot starting this grassroots movement; it all starts at the bottom.....a strong tree grows from the roots; so too does a strong movement grow from it's roots.....we will prevail and we will overcome.