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lol now i'm just imagining moist just casually stealing Drumknott's sock

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yep im in australia as well im i am currently struggling with the heat waves going on right now
we also get bush fires during the summer while not really any natural disasters during winter

im also heat intolerance and cant regulate my temperature very well so have to take cold showers on the hotter days to get my body temp down sometimes

where as winter in melbourne which one of the colder cities averages around 10-15C during the day and we dont get snow here except a bit in the mountains

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if you all got different results then it is likely the thermometers were not accurate, but also water will boil at different temperatures at different altitudes, since i'm assuming you were using tap water impurities could change the boiling temperature.

the fact that states of matter are changed by pressure as well as temperature and the fact that co2(dry ice) has a liquid state on jupiter are among some of the things my science teachers disliked me bringing up n class

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all you need to do is hold the flap open with once hand while you put the letters in with the other hand and then it wont close on your hand.

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i used to deliver newspapers and flyers and i have scraped my knuckles on a brick letterbox, encountered one that had a rose bush planted in front of it(with thorns) i could only just reach the letterbox(im 5'1'')
also seen the metal one that shut pretty fast doubt they would literally take your fingers off but definitely could jam them in there if your not careful

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dogs often respond to tone and body language more than the word itself, so even though he probably didn't use the word they knew he spoke with a dominant tone and stance and behaved accordingly

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yeah i've experienced it too, especially being a not super girly girl. some men(and women) don't know how to deal with it

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the nome trilogy is great, but yeah i imagine mark will be moving on to other authors for a while but maybe he can do some other books at least it wont take several years to finish the other series

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thanks for the insight, its good to hear form someone who has personal experience on the topic :)

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(i have no experience with this specific group/s of people, i am going to discus humans and and our groups in general)

my experience with seeing various different discussions irl, the internet and tv from people in various different groups (ie. lgbt, different nationalities/ethnicities, disabilities, ect) there is never a single point of view shared by all people in terms of what words they use to describe themselves, what they prefer others to call them and what they consider offensive can be very individual.

it can also be worse to use the wrong term while thinking you are right or being pc by using can be considered more insulting then using the "slur"

one example(that i am personally familiar with) is related to being disabled and it is a big issue abled people or even other disabled people speaking for disabled people on what is "correct"
for example people have tried to say that using "disabled" is bad and using "differently abled" is some how better but most(i should add not all, there are exceptions just like everything above) prefer the term disabled and the other terms erase our struggles and insisting they are correct takes away our voice

another example is the use of queer, alot of people identify as queer and use it as an umbrella term which is more inclusive then lgbt and there are people who say its a slur and shouldn't be used(sometimes even telling people they cant identify as queer themselves) i guess im queer...? i dont really use any labels for my sexual orientation and dont like when people insist i must x or y or that i must choose a label

to sum up i guess humans are complicated creatures and we do not all agree on everything