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Lets just hope that the free-agent signing that Cashman is referring to is NOT - Stephen Drew.

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I am crazy sane. Watch what happens over the off-season and then we can discuss this intelligently as you are obviously too emotionally attached right now. Other than starting pitching, Boston has a huge advantage in the outfield and at worst an infield to match the Yankees. I am a fan of the Yankees and have been for over 50 years but I am not blind and am objective enough to touch base with reality.

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Really? They are going to be without Price and Tulo is always an injury concern. Boston will be a legitimate threat next year as they have more options to do things than any other team in that division. They are not financially strapped with a number or really bad contracts as are the Yankees.

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I suggest that the Yankees spend more time trying to move Gardner and a few other contracts and less time worrying about the Miller situation. They have already let it be know that he is available and that is enough. I am sure that Miller is aware of the going ons and probably is not too happy to hear his name linked with trade rumors especially since he took a discount to sign with the team. The Yankees are off to a bad start in the off-season and need to get their vision and plan together. Boston is going to be very aggressive and leave the Yankees behind in the dust.

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The winner of this offseason between the Yankees and the Sox will be who is able to move their bad contracts the best. If the Sox are able to move either Sandoval or Ramirez they will be in great shape to rise to the top in the division. Subsequently the Yankees need to rid themselves of Headley as Ellsbury, C.C., Beltran are going nowhere. I expect the Sox to go after Cueto. The Sins of Cashman will be brought forth even more this year as it does hamstring the team of making the moves necessary to stay competitive. It is highly unlikely that the get similar results from A-Rod, Teixeira or Beltran. As far as C.C. is concerned I don't expect much from him in 2016.

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Leave it to that mastermind Girardi to come up with a brilliant solution.

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The obvious omission is Jorge Mateo.

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I like the Yankees position that they took. Let the Blue Jays chase after rentals while they hang on to their upcoming players. If Toronto does not advance past the Wild-Card then they paid one heck of a "price". I see the Dodgers or Red Sox in the market for Price in the off-season. The Yankees will more than likely sign a F.A. pitcher in the off-season. They will have many options available on their terms. After 2016 they will be even more financially flexible to be ultra aggressive in the market. Good times are truly ahead for this franchise.

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Not really surprised by this development. Refsnyder failed to hit during his limited time up in the show. It will be interesting to see what develops between now and the end of July.

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Please define what a blue chip prospect is. Lindgren has a high ceiling having already pitched at the big league level this year and is a left handed reliever with an upside. Sanchez and cash should easily be enough to get this deal done.