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All the scientific research indicates that the more fundamentalist Christian a person is , the greater likelihood they are to be obese. So if we just hang on for another generation, all these ignorant asswipes (who also oppose obamacare and even Michelle Obama's move campaign) will eat themselves into oblivion. Just keep the chikfila, velveeta and oreos coming....

(It is comments like these that mean pinkocommi will never hold public office in the US....)

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Isn't this the same thing that happened to Sarah Palin, except Todd had an affair while operating the snow mobile business to support her political career and Sarah never went to Harvard or was smart enough to become a lawyer and her teenage daughters got pregnant? the take away is you can take the girl out of the trailer, but not the trailer out of the girl?

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Does Sheriff Arpaio spend every waking moment thinking about ways to be an even bigger douche than he was last time?

On the upside, he is getting back at the universe for all those times he was picked last in gym.

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I don't have any snark for this. Fuck Sheriff Arpaio.

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What? Bill O'Reilly spends his free time fantasizing about his daughter being gang raped by a motorcycle gang? I always knew he was a sicko....

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Culberson: "It’s just – those are the facts. And if you’re going to report the facts, those are the facts."

Facts... you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Alan Simpson shutting up sounds like a great thing to aspire to.

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Will Carlos Danger be there? One can only hope.

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Rand Paul is right, when the Republican Party says, we're winning, it is just like Charlie Sheen, in that it is the post-hookers and meth haze talking.

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I think Noonan's point is that racism wouldn't be such a problem if blahs just laughed "it" - i.e., the economic disparity, the soul-diminishing insults, the real and threatened violence - off.

Fuck Peggy Noonan.