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$20 says alcohol was involved.

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I accidentally 83mb rar file

Is this bad?

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Yeah right, try puttin' that on a hot pan and not knock the pan on the floor, then you get to smell burning rubber.

Cast iron pans already have 'spouts' in the middle of each side of their rims. Stop buying shitty cookware and this isn't a problem.

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Sarah's not running for top office. She gets moist when people speculate it, though. She's making entirely too much money at Faux Noise to give it up for a job that actually requires skill and diplomacy.

Sarah Palin is a dipshit.

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Indeed. One in six pregnancies end in miscarriage. Most women don't even realize they're pregnant because the fertilized egg doesn't make it and is 'washed' out with the next period.

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You're a retard. Perhaps she was raped. Perhaps she was 15 and has no way to support either herself or her unborn future child. Regardless of her situation though, it's none of your business and you have no right to decide what she does with the rest of her life.

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A zygote is a person? Where's its arms, legs, head, eyes?

One of the requirements before something can be declared 'alive' is that is has to be able to function on it's own. Which means when you pull a zygote out of a pregnant woman and leave it in a petri dish on a lab countertop AND IT CONTINUES TO LIVE, THEN AND ONLY THEN can you declare zygotes living.

"It's not our place to decide..." No, it's up to the mother. It's none of my business, and it's none of yours.

ps: there is no god. Get over it.

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You're a retard. Anyone who signs their name WHEN THEIR NAME IS SEEN CLEARLY AT THE TOP OF THEIR POST is a retard.

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shut the fuck up. women can't drive and they're always runnin' their traps on their cell phones when they should be paying attention. do a GIS for 'woman drivers' or 'female drivers' and you'll see dumb bitches who never remove the hose from their gas tank before pulling away, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to the gas station pumps.

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Transcript plz for us hearing impaired Americans!