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Ok, so for the sake of not being racist, are people supposed to not hire black dancers who are looking to break down the doors and get into the industry and be in videos with these people so they can get a pay check?

I just always find it a conflict of interests when people see a video and go "oh man, all them black dancers with Miley and Lily, that's so racist" and honestly, I look at it and go, man them dancers just got paid to showout in a video with Lily or dance at the MTV awards. Yes, it can be perceived as racist or does has some racist undertones, esp if it's a satire, that's kinda the point, but this entertainment sh*t is already a f*cked up hell on wheels of sexism, racism, misogony, classism, imperialism, etc.

I like Lily. I like that people are getting the satire and that a postive, comical message is coming from it. Cook on girrrrls, all of em!

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It's got, few and far between, quality bars. We all know Em is the master of crazy punchlines and the king of triple entendres, it keeps his basic minded fans happy. I appreciate the manic storyteller, not the manic rapper yelling Fa**ot and nan-nan-nan-nan-nans or speaking in Yoda every other line. I'm not going to prove to you that I get Eminem, that's just stupid, as many times as I've discussed him on our show/site/twitter/etc.

I’m glad that you got all the double meanings and they gave u fuzzy feeling inside but Eminem is better than this, he's proven it a minimum of 4x, with arguably 3 classics. So for you to call this a masterpiece, a MASTERPIECE, do you even know what the word means? Go head yo.

The fact that u even wrote that long post, shows what type of Em fan I'm conversing with.

This isn't "mind blowing lyricism" it's Slimicisms and that's all fine, fun, and dandy but this album is a mess and heavily disjointed, sonically and conceptually. But u have to be an unbias listener to hear that. Or else,... it's a "masterpiece".

Now that Bonus Song (which isn't on the album) that he did with Buckshot. THAT! is a masterpiece. That is a student of hip hop spitting on that song. That's something Eminem has not shown the mainstream he's capable of doing yet for a whole album, but that'll never happen I guess. Glad we got Asher Roth for that.

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Why is this comment longer than all the reviews on this post combined, Sir? No Bueno. The album ain't got no bars, every song I mentioned has bars, depth, meaning, and the beats create a mood. They're perfect. MMLP2 is bad. It's a bad Em album and a Bad album in general.

That last Royce and Em ep is actually dope.

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Recovery was his first clean album. Relapse he was still in rehab and going through it.

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You really just made all this up.

MMLP2 is a piece of struggle in the name of Hip Hop and Not being able to let go and grow.
Eminem is trying to recreate what it was that got him to this point and sadly, when you're no longer an addict, it's very hard to fake crazy. There are no Stans on this album. No B*tch I'mma Kill Yous, No Amittyille's, not The Way I Am, No Marshall Mathers. This album isn't even Em or Marshall, it's a very bad flavor of SLim Shady mixed in with the style in which he releases his singles but amped to a very annoying level. It's everything people tolerate from Eminem because he's am amazing writers, story teller, lyricist, and rapper, all meshed into one ear sore of a album.

This is by far his worst album, yes, worse than Encore. And that's sad given Rap God is one of the best rap songs released not just this year, but flow wise in a long time. And I don't know what Rick Rubin is doing because you can hear his influence but it didn't help guide the creatives at all on this one. This is not a good look for Em's discography and it sadly reminds me of that damn Welcome to Our House, Slaughterhouse album.

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First off, I know you didn\'t even listen to this episode so stop trolling sites to get your fix to help you deal with the shame>

Second off, if u gone speak the truth, leave a truthful email address. Don\'t be scared.

White Privilege is has nothing to do with buying tennis shoes you idiot. Is has everything to do with a nation built upon the backs of blacks still fighting for equality in this white ass system. Don\'t be a turd biscuit on my blog anymore.

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Iono fam, my moms and pops raised me different. I love looking at a fat ass. I love looking at titties. I love looking at a pretty face. I love a woman who can cook. I love Lightskin women. I love Darkskin women, them Kelly Rowlands. I love a fit chick. I love a thicketty chick. I think I just love women. But I don't have a list of sh*t I need, except to be attracted to the person and for the person to be stable (u mean mentally and financially, I can't take care of u if u can't take care of yoself first).

Gold digging ain't nothing but a different flavor of shallow. Erething them n*ggas said they "need" in a woman was shallow, and only loving a n*gga for his money is shallow. They can all have their shallow ass selves, cause I give no f*ck about people like this, who don't actually care about people!

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I feel like Clove wouldn't want Drake to be the poster child for men from canada lol

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Drake got be super stupid for this whole damn interview. He's hailed for keeping it real and not being afraid to not be macho and NOW he's like "Naw that's not really me, Im not sensitive" knowing damn well that's why most his lame ass fans like him.

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