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Worth pointing out that Jonathan moved from wedding photography to a documentary filmmaker - quite a leap - in a story about Travis, the man in the photo with the prosthetics. Who was a big supporter of the documentary? Aaron Schock, of course! . I wonder who helped this Texas wedding photography become a director of a film about an Illinois soldier?

But note the bio mention about Jonathan and his wife.

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His hair is floating in the most peculiar way.

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Can you imagine Ablow on some blow?

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Coulter is the OT (Original Troll). I admire her ability to take any subject and make it a symptom of moral decay caused by liberals. I also admire how she cashes in on fulfilling the sexual fantasies of right wing neckbeards everywhere, without actually having sex.

Also, she and Geraldo actually banged once, so there's that.

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I break it down this way: Conservatives hate change, above all else. That's the main reason they are opposed to the Redskins name change: it's been Redskins for 80 years, so it should never change.

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Sean Hannity was intimidated by New Black Panther Party wearing berets at a polling station. Can you imagine how quickly his head would explode if Huey or Bobby rose from the grave and open carried in his neighborhood?

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Students, during their short and brutish existence on the planet, using humor to manage the awkwardness of their sexual awakening.

And a parent who never succesfully managed this seeking retribution against others.

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Glenn speaks loudly because he's carrying a tiny stick.

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Love my Camper Van. Saw them last fall at State Theater w/ Lowry's Cracker. For DCites, Cracker's coming to Rams Head in July.

Lowry's fighting the lonely and good fight for artists getting a bigger slice of internet royalties.

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Mississippi has all wheels in the ditch
And none on the track