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has anyone bothered to check out the work that R & D is actually doing and given credit for...have you checked out their latest 5 year review tabled in the Canadian parliament not long ago? - they were actually praised by the DFAIT evaluators for doing work on many different issues including working at the international level to end the use of rape as a weapon of war and a tool of genocide...they also work in the DR Congo on these issues...isn't that one of the projects that the new majority of the Board nixed or rather put a "moratorium" on as they put it?...that's all the women and girls in the DRC need, a bunch of fat and not so fat white men in suits sitting around pondering whether their problems fit into their new partisan vision for the organization...wonder if they will be consulting the Canadian mining companies on this one!

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according to the linked gazette article in the mak piece the reason the staff person in haiti did not have any money is because the very responsible current Interim President, a.k.a. J. Gauthier - the same person who sent a letter to the PMO admitting to ethnic profiling at R & D - hasn't yet deemed it necessary to ensure that the the organization is able to pay its bills in proper accountable is that, and they say they are cleaning up the place...

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what opportunistic and malicious reporting tim mak - did you check whether R & D still has a staff person at the Geneva office?? Maybe the office has been temporarily closed??? That would blow your theory out of the water...I heard that the R & D management had asked for an evaluation of the activities of the office...a routine evaluation that any accountable organization would do to make sure its activities are still relevant and can adapt to changing situations...hmmmm...and on top of it be accountable to its board...hmmm....sounds very corrupt to me - lol