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As an avid cook, I can attest that the UI and experience of Yummly is head and shoulder above the others. I usually like to use Foodista, but the search interface is clumsy. I've been using Yummly for a while now, and I find the search experience very compelling.

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So sorry Jeff. That's a big loss.

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So sorry Jeff. That's a big loss.

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Dude, exactly Jeff. They have been getting ABSURD lately. There needs to be a better way. Like "Which of these pictures is not a dog" or something. Good lord. I now expect them to take three tries in order to transact. Ridiculous.

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This is too true, across so many cases.

On the VMware Fusion team, we had to be *extremely* creative with our outbound initiatives, simply because even though VMware had money, it chooses to invest it in things other than marketing.

But at the end of the day, it made us deeply engage with new media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, our team blog, and so on), which ultimately benefited us more than simply buying up back covers of Macworld magazine.

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Isn't Facebook approaching a similar level of capital consumption? (~$400m in equity, ~$100m in debt) Don't know how much is still in the bank, but seems like that would answer your question.

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Interesting post Paul. If I recall, that ranking somewhat maps to a stack ranking of geographies based on how hard they've taken it on the chin vis-a-vis the housing bubble deflation. That is, with the exception of NY, which had a different sort of rapid bubble deflation.

Of course, merely quickly observing, and, like yours, totally indefensible, yet still fun.

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And what *I* would love to see would be an overlay of the two, with Walmarts and Targets together, showing dying Targets with the advent of Wal Marts nearby.

That is, before Target got religion in the early 00's and stopped trying to compete with Wal Mart on price, and decided to inhabit the space between Wal Mart and, say, Williams Sonoma / Crate and Barrel / Macy's (pulling top end Wal Mart users in, and pealing off low end users from those other stores).

That latter strategy appears to be working, but I would love to see it demonstrated via little red and blue droplets hitting a map! ; )

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Come on Jeff, it's Good Morning America. If you want trenchant analysis, read Paul Kedrosky, The Big Picture, The Economist, or, dare I say it, Venture Chronicles. And if it has to be TV-based, how about some time-shifted Charlie Rose?

I get what you're saying, but I suppose that I've pretty much given up on broadcast television as a source of analysis at this point (I'm still willing to be persuaded, of course).

If it bleeds it leads, and I suppose that applies to over-mortgaged families riding the tip of the recessionary spear too.

On a side note, is the CSS being wonky on Venture Chronicles? When I scroll down, the grey header bar follows with, making reading somewhat of a challenge. (Firefox 3.0.5, Mac OS X). Was able to repro on Safari too. Seems like it might have to do with that new search bar?

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"If I, from the comfort of my sofa while watching NCIS, can look up this little tidbit, why can't the professional journalists get it right?"

Because, Jeff, as my father says, that would be too much like 'work.' ; )

Are we sure the talking heads aren't saying "One of the most densely populated"?

As a product marketer well versed in the practice of linguistic backflips that allow you to support a point while still not being precisely wrong, I would think that "One of the most densely" would get your point across, without arming the Jeff Nolans of the world. ; )