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"Ta-he, ta-he"
"Daddy, it's 'the'"
"Thanks, honey. 'The big blue fish swam upst-re-am, ups-tram'"
"Thanks, honey."

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To be fair, his wife is a whore in the bedroom...


... just not his.

Note: save some money, she has coupons in this Sunday's paper.

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You misunderstand him. It's not the "government’s role or anybody else’s role to make that decision" to rape his daughter or granddaughter.

10-to-1 that's is how this is spun by the Godfather.

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"As a result, he could have gone to court and sought a modification of his child-support obligations, though he didn’t take that official step"

That would be the ONLY step you could take.

"As a result, I could have taken the driving test and gotten my license in order to drive, though I didn't take that official step."

"As a result, I could have gone to law school and passed the bar in order to become a lawyer, though I didn't take that official step."

Let's not call it an "official" step. Let's call it the ONLY step. He relied on a quote-unquote verbal agreement to modify a $117,000 court order? Either he's a giant liar or incredibly dumb.

Which one is it?

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Rentboy, rentboy, rentboy, muslim socialist, muslim socialist, rentboy, rentboy, rentboy, muslim socialist.

Muslim socialist! Rentboy, rentboy.

(Note: Bachmann did not ask for a rentboy, as this is the duty of the husband... or so she has been told).

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Fehrnstrom is a classic combination of German words that we don't have a very exact definition for. I guess the closest is the feeling when you try so hard to poop - you're sitting and grunting, etc - that you end up pissing in your own face. It's more eloquent in German, but you get the gist of it.

Example - I was so focused on racing my bike that I ignored the red light and ended up Fehrnstroming myself on a truck.

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What's not to like? They give you a joke, FOR FREE, in the title!

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Well, the reason Issa can sell so many car alarms is because he's creating so much demand.

Kerry's gotta get out there and label other condiments/Hunts as poison. Maybe break into people's house and destroy their existing ketchup supply.

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SO TRUE. Someone with $200 million can clearly understand the plight of a poor or middle class person because his wealth encompasses them as well. Same as when you have a good steak and immediately know what a McDonalds hamburger tastes like. But how could John Kerry ever understand what it is like to be Richard Branson?

Richard Branson, I weep for thee.

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Chop shops ain't payin' what they used to.