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That is an interesting idea! From my limited exposure to research code, it would take a long time to turn most of it into something other people could run, but maybe if it was a requirement that would encourage more re-usable code?

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Good point, I did jump over that a bit! Most people imported their address book from their webmail when they signed up to Facebook, and while a bit different from auto-analysing emails, has been a lot less controversial.

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Sweet, looks like they've fixed that over the last few months! It required headless x-windows and QT the last time I used it.

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The documents are given a unique, extremely-hard-to-guess ID, and that's referenced as part of the URL for the main page. This makes it impossible to browse for documents unless somebody has shared the URL with you. My application doesn't need any searching capabilities luckily!

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I almost feel bad for all the lawyers who obviously struggle with this new-fangled technology. Almost.

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Thanks as always Joaquin! You and the Datastax team are a big part of why I chose Cassandra, you're the backbone of the community.

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Thanks Matthieu, that is fascinating stuff, especially the Mount Everest coverage issue with SRTM3. It looks like ASTER would be essential for any kind of open-source Google Earth, I'll include it in my next roundup.

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It was failing to locate addresses like "Bennäsvägen 5, 68600 Jakobstad, Finland" that Google could handle, and that data was available for in OpenStreeMap.

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There are multiple providers out there, but almost all of them have terms and conditions like Google that prohibit you from general geocoding, if you're not going to be displaying the results on one of their maps.

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It should be up and running again now, sorry about that.