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Joseph R. Kane, may you rest in peace.
Our prayers go out to his family and friends.

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One can hope and pray that the officer that was shot makes a rapid,and full recovery.
guest--- It appears that there were two suspects involved, and both are now in custody

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There have been numerous car jackings, and car thefts that were thwarted
because the vehicle had manual (stick shift) transmissions in the news
over the last couple of years.
It has been over 50 years since I had my driver's education classes, but the
vehicles used all had manual transmissions. The concept back then was
that if one could drive with a manual transmission, then driving using a
automatic transmission would be easy.
Stories like this one make me happy that many drivers today do not have a
clue about the art of driving a manual transmission, specially the bozos that
attempt to take other people's property.
I am glad that the lady was not injured, and that her vehicle was not damaged
by these fools.
YouTube has more than one story about such attempted thefts, or car jackings.

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Felons are not like our wild Chinook salmon and the catch and release of felons is simply
not the way to handle them. That might work our salmon, but not for felons.
Two dead, and a third is badly beaten and that absolutely proves that to be a fact.

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Two victims charged out the door to escape the man with the knife and
the police shot BOTH victims, one fatally. The perpetrator that had
held these victims was NOT shot.
Neither of the victims were armed with ANY weapons, but one of the
victims is just as dead as he would have been if he had pointed a
gun at the police.
As angeldove posted, the police simply decided to shoot first, and then
ask their questions later.
I have owned and carried firearms for most of my 69 years on Earth,
and have not YET had to drop the hammer on anyone during that time.
There have been times that I could have done so legally, but discretion
has proven to be an ally.

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A double blessing and a real miracle, Mother and baby now okay.

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A quote from the article states------
" So far the teens have not been arrested. The Lane County District Attorney
will determine whether the teens will be charged with a crime."
The teen's actions could have resulted in the deaths of BOTH the driver, and
the passenger, and did in fact result with injuries to the passenger. There
was in fact a crime committed.

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There are those that say that states rights, versus the slavery issues were the
reason for the American Civil War. Personally, I do not know which was the main
reason. The State Rights issue still seem to be a unresolved issue for these
early ranchers. Mister Bundy's family has owned the ranch since 1877, just twelve
after the Civil War. Only five hundred, out of the nine hundred cattle belonged to
him so it would appear that this is not just a one man issue, but the concept
of open ranges land that had an problem for cattle ranchers that existed many decades
before there was a Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Regional wars were fought
because settlers fenced their lands with barbed wire. The federal government stepped
in and set aside large federal land reserves for the cattlemen to use for grazing and to stop
regional wars between the cattlemen and the settlers. The reason for this issue seems
problem to be based on restrictions placed on the land because of the desert tortoise.
Cattle, while not the most intelligent critters, know enough not to step on large rocks,
and to the cattle, a desert tortoise looks like a large rock. Perhaps, the BLM might
need to address the initial problem, of lack of a problem of cattle and the desert tortoise
co-existing on the same acreage.

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For those who live near large fresh water lakes, or large rivers the Terra Wind
Amphibious Motor Home might just be a good, but expensive bug out vehicle.
It could also double as your bug out location.
Just drive up to a boat ramp, or gentile water bank. Then drive the motor home
into the water, change propulsion modes and voila, the motor home becomes
a powered house boat suitable for calmer waters.

The Terra Wind far exceeds my available budget so I am left with other options.

I have lived the majority of my 68 years in Western Washington, But my bug out
location is in Eastern Washington. The location was chosen because it has its
own well, and it is very remote and has a large underground shelter.
The main problem is that the Cascade Mountain Range is between my current
location and the bug out location. there are several paved passes over the
mountains and a couple of dirt/gravel passes unknown to all but a few 4X4
enthusiast and my older Suburban 4X4 could traverse those passes if there
is no real heavy snow.
There is also the option of driving around the mountain range to the south by
following the Columbia River, but I doubt that traffic would allow that as an option.
Another option is to use my trailer-able power boat as my bug out location in
remote isolated bays or inlets in Canada, or SE Alaska.
If, and only if the vessel locks at the numerous dams were operational I could
use the boat down the coast into the Columbia and Snake river to get to my
bug out location in Eastern Washington.
Many optional plans, but none of them are written in stone because there are
so many variables caused my mother nature and by the nature of mankind,
As a last resort, I would stay at my home north of Seattle and try to convert
into a virtual fortress.

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Our home has a back up generator for critical circuits
like our refrigerator, freezer, and heat in case of a power
Back up generators are cheap, and if the city had any
foresight, there would have been some for the sewage
system to prevent this from happening in the event
of a power outage.
That would have been the logical solution, but when
have our government agencies ever used logic.