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(This is the persiflet with the Polly icon; I've just discovered I have different intensedebate and Wordpress accounts and apparently can only log into one of them on mobile.)

At the risk of, yeah, derailing the important discusssions happening upthread... I'm a neuroatypical person who, when I was new to this site, ran up against this language policy and got a warning over it. The policy does not make me feel safe, it is not for the benefit of every non nt person here because we are not a hive mind, and siab is not gaslighting by saying that.

Edit to clarify that I've accepted the policy and understand it, just pointing out that not everyone who disagrees with it is a bigoted ableist.

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Do it! They sincerely changed my life a couple years ago and I've been proselytizing about them ever since. A couple of people I've recced them to have bounced off them, but most have enjoyed them. I think they're well worth a try if you're at all interested in space opera and artificial intelligence stories and are tired of an over abundance of cis het dude characters in speculative fiction.

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Thank God the Iris plot line is over, that was so uncomfortable and boring.

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I think dating her patient makes her a pretty bad counselor.

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I'm here not for predictions, but to rec one of my favorite fanvids ever, and the one that convinced me to keep watching Person of Interest when I got bored halfway through the first season:

[youtube qKntMbeISSk youtube] Spoilers up through the season four finale.

It's a beautifully done Root/Shaw video, and watching it just took my breath away- two violent, ruthless, clearly neurodivergent women in weird, intense, bittersweet love??? I had never seen anything like it before, and I had to keep watching. And man. This is such a good season four Root character study and I LOVE HER.

So most of what I knew ahead of time about the show comes from this- I knew that Root and Shaw were a thing and that something happened to Shaw and Root went on a mission to find her.

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I was having a bad week when I watched this and I sobbed all through “Welcome to the Machine”. Damn this show for using music so effectively.

God, where can the team go from here? It’s just been down and down and down all season, which is a rare plot choice.

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So I read that the Iris plot might have been thrown in last minute because Reese might have been the one to "die" in if-then-else? WAS THIS REALLY THE BEST THE WRITERS COULD COME UP WITH? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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It's creepy creepy creeeeeeepy. Ugh.

yes to Frankie and Harper working together!!!! (and dating, in my dreams)

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That moment at the end, with dog walking as a metaphor for moving on and finding new love... my Finch/Nathan and Finch/Reese shipper heart is happy!