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Unfortunatly I have written several reviews they just haven\'t quite made it into the blog yet. :( I need to take the time and do that along with scheduling several others.

I think I\'ll set aside some time to do that after I get back from vacation. Then just try to stay ahead of the scheduled posts, which shouldn\'t be too hard with the sheer volume I have.

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That is why I didn't want to touch that yet. I think I have it down but not confident enough to post on it yet.

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I really understand what you are saying. I really really do. Its just a difference of opinion. Maybe in 10 years my opinion will change its been known to happen.

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Like I noted on twitter this was a blog post from almost 2 years ago now on a former blog.

I honestly had to go back and re-read the blog post and realize it was a horrible blog post with no actually explanation of anything at all.

As i can recall I was so bored watching it I wasn't paying to much attention to what was going on. Some slow shows keep you interested long enough to watch it. I do remember this was a problem with this show. I was bored while watching it. I wasn't to much of a fan of Skycrawlers, but even though it was slow at times it held my interest long enough to watch the while thing without getting bored.

As for opinions now they have changed a bit. Reading the comments have actually made me care more since of the storyline. Now my general problem is it was too slow in general.

I think this anime should be watched as 3 seperate episodes like it was made. I think people should take some time between each episode for digestion sake. This was presented to me as one long show and not 3 seperate episodes, didn't know until later it wasn't one solid show. That in mind would probably have made it a bit better for me.

Dismissing, circumstance as a problem for liking it. The idea of the movie I have a general problem with that it was inevitable for him to miss the girl and not get with her. I If someone wants something bad enough nothing is stopping them if he truly wanted her he should have gone and gotten her when he was able and not let anything stop him.

So it mostly comes down to difference of opinion and me being a horrible writer as to the problems here. lol.

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Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed response. I just want to point out also that I have covered many of what you talked about in previous posts. If you will take a look at the related posts there are links to them.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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I understand that for sure. However, for studying purposes I don\'t consider the two the same. I see them as two seperate things to learn.

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So part of my problem is 2 fold with doing these.

1) I have not studied the particle が when talking to people about it and reading about it nothing is clear so I drop it after a while because some of what I read starts contradicting itself. I haven't found a good source for learning about the particle が yet.

2) Most of what I write and say is grammatically correct but not functionally correct. That is just part of my level of Japanese. Many sentences I write are more to express a concept that good quality phrasing. I'll get there though. As for endings I recently had a conversation with someone about sentence endings that has me all screwed up in the head about what to put where. Am in the process of re-learning. In the mean time am thinking about just putting desu at the end of everything.

Hopefully those kind of help explain where those sentences come from. I plan to get a lot better in the coming months as I am putting a lot more time lately in grammar because it has now become my weak point.

Thanks for the comment

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I have kind of mixed feelings of when to start learning. One problem I have had over the last year is japanese being so disconnected from me. Not being able to do anything with it. I am still at a beginner level not quite a lower intermediate from what I can tell. However, jumping into kanji has pushed up the door for understanding more japanese. Maybe waiting a couple of months after starting to start hesig would be good, but I think starting early on is good. Especially since I look at learning kanji separately from learning japanese.

I agree with the problem of doing kanji conjugations and you were able to describe the problem better than me. It can be a problem, but the benifits of knowing them far out way, imo, not knowing the combinations. But like you said different approaches are good for other people.

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Thanks for the book link. I will put it in my list of things to get.

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I have experienced something similar which is one reason that I wanted to post and talk about this.