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Bolivia, MAS vive!!!!! Death to Musk-rats.

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Again, MoA's analysis is concise yet spot-on. I particularly enjoyed his deliberations about how he would cast his ballot if able.

NEITHER. NEVER EITHER. Let the DNC and the RNC wither and die - Democracy needs renewal.

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"...not be able to be retrieved into the reality based world." Kurt Andersen's video maintains that the 20th C. saw the media conform to an established set of facts = a good thing. The last 20 years has seen a rise in the denial of facts and the rise of celebrity and then Trump. "Bring back the good of' consensus" that the NYT was the champion of and which the liberal Dem. center cling too he seems to say.

Crap. When was racism ever deeply acknowledged by the NYT on its own and in full viciousness? When was the oligarchical fleecing of the working class made a consensus in the press? When was the imperial war-mongering a commmonly held starting point for on-going analysis of foreign policy? When did Wall Street interests and the stock market become less important than the daily lives and struggles of working class peoples, of the unemployed, of the incarcerated, of the destruction of the natural environment and communities? When did Dems or Reps ever get treated as the neo-fascists they are. Kurt, you shill for NY elitist bourgeosie and the Dem fake resistance, you are a fake intellectual.

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Positivism: a pseudo rationality that takes only what is given as real, and limits the given to what is seen. But what if what we are seeing is only half the story? Demonizing the other to protect one's own position is supremacy.

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Excellent. We have abandoned evidence based action, theory, and judgment. The empire falls as it fixates on the cheap positivism that upholds the present based upon flaws of the past, and fails to see an alternative. New horizons await a radical democracy.

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It is difficult to read naive libertarian articles like this. They try to so rational but fail to see crude pre-suppostitions they rest upon, most glaringly, that the economy was trashed from outside and that legitimate demands for justice was somehow a blow against a decent, vital system. This kind of naivete takes the pretense of principled but rests on a rank positivism: the unimaginative obedience to a naive perspective. A lack of radical originality of thought.

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Pathetic article, some really good points in the reader responses. (By the way, Col. Wilkerson has been forthright about the lies of Iraq war, Brooks on the other hand has not been forthright in critiquing Killary).

I say, if BLM and antifa storm the White House and depose Trump, let's cheer them on and give them the executive. Maybe we should do this with congress. What's so bad about the non-militia street advocating less fascism? They are us at our best in many, not all, ways. WE SHOULD JOIN THEM and make this truly WE THE PEOPLE (and not the corporatist, white supremacist, hegemonists).

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This is further proof that white backlash has more to do with inadequacy and smallness than with reason and universality. Pathetic fantasies of supremacist feces for brains. One thing is clear, if you outlaw guns, only fascists will have guns in Amerikkka. Supremacists beware, you are a pathetically small everything that has no ability at critical self-reflection. Forever the tools for your masters (the same ones as the ones more reasonable people are fighting). Saker, despite some pretty good analyses at times, you suck as a compass.

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Entertaining story. There are far, far greater reasons to hate and distrust billionaires like Gates then this. Distrust the government that fronts for corporate oligarchy, same with the media, but understand, we don't need speculations that replace the damn convincing reality of pandemic beyond suspension of passive naive presupposition (and observing it as it presents itself in all its phenomenal forms including disease and efforts of millions, as science and reason would require). These speculations play on impoverished scientific reason with their unfounded presumptions that pretend to truth. The truth is: fight the oligarchy as a matter of life and death for its obvious strangle-grip on power in the name of greed and vain-glory. Mask up and tear down.

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blah blah blah - more dire news from investment hacks. Of course things suck - they have for - what? since Reagan? for 200 years? more? since enclosure laws? since colonial genocide? since trans-Atlantic slave trade?

The future is not through putzes who assume capitalism. Radical change will happen one way or another. We can cultivate that change or suffer the blight. The people make the conditions - the crisis is our opportunity to get out of this mess.