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When my dad was very sick due to his lung cancer. Hospis Malaysia helped out a great deal and helped us coped and deal with the situation as well as we could. Thanks for writing this about Hospis Malaysia, me and family had the same experience with them.

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Yes it's funny, but seriously? This is the headlining news? Come on MM, this is facebook stuff

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Malay Mail why are you lying to your readers? He didn't write no "honour among crooks", he wrote "no honour among cooks". Cooks! Not crooks.

Bad journalism malay mail....

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Not generalizing and stereotyping people as a group is the high horse here? The epitome of enlightenment as you say? If not generalizing is the pinnacle of enlightenment, it's a wonder we all can live in the same country and tolerate one another huh?

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"And I allow myself to take comfort in the (dangerous) belief that yes, the Malays may get everything handed to them on a silver platter, but we Chinese can still beat them because we’re better, smarter and faster than them."

Which part of this paragraph is cryptic and means something else than what it says? And if you so, maybe you'd like to illuminate it then?

I'll just say again what I got from this then: The writer is comforted by the notion that all the Malays (and not just UMNO people), have everything given to them on a silver platter- Therefore since everything is given to them on a silver platter, it baffles the mind how and why are there so many working-class Malays scrapping for a living and affected by GST? Must be because they're stupid and incompetent as a human ethnic group not suited to live in this modern world. And she allow herself to take comfort IN THE BELIEF of this, and that her own ethnic sub group is better, smarter and faster than the lesser, dumber, slower...other.

I don't think I've misread that. And I agree it is dangerous to think this way Ms Boo Su Lyn, as it leave people to just revert to type and stereotypes as a group and not see people as individuals with their own experience and ignore all history/circumstance/class issues that explains a group predilection

If people actually take comfort and believe in these stereotypes and it's not wrong to think this way...then the Malay Pekida mob at Low Yat was in the right cause they revert to type and generalize Chinese as a group (all 1.6 billions?) to be cheating business people, and not see it as a singular case. The Malays are lazy and thiefs like the kids who stole the phone were. Indians are drunkards. Arabs are terrorists...etc. What are we doing living in the same space, breathing the same air then? We're almost different species.

It's just exhausting to keep meeting and hearing people who say and think this way, I mean come on...

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" yes, the Malays may get everything handed to them on a silver platter, but we Chinese can still beat them because we’re better, smarter and faster than them."

I cringe when I read that. Writer actually believe this? Then she is racist like the racists Low Yatt rioters out there, You're generalizing attributes and a believe of superiority of a race based on what? Anecdotal experience? That makes you just as racists as the rioters...they're doing the exact same thing. If what I thought as more of a liberal, broad minded journalist also revert to racist stereotypes, then Malaysia has got a long way to go.

Before you say everybody generalize and stereotype this way, well that's untrue I for one don't think this way.

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"In the city, however, there is a dearth of single and sane men."

Going by what you write about your female friends and their dream men, I'd say there's a dearth of sane women too...

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Sure. Those were indeed left organizations he mentioned. The right wing organization was Umno. When PKMM, Putera etc rallying cry was merdeka! Onn Jaafar of Umno said, "nak buat jarum pun tak tahu, lagikan nak mentadbir negara", essentially being on the side of the British against the cries of Merdeka from the locals. That's something the history book never told you.

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Sure wish Najib would show this kind of effective leadership in his own country's affairs...

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The weekly flight numbers will be pretty consistent every week. If its 75 last week, its likely to be around 75 the week of the crash too. Don't know if Malaysian Insider mentioned this, but an SIA air liner was just 25 km behind MH17 when it was shot down, and India's air liner was 20 km ahead of MAS' flight. It's a well traversed airspace, MAS is unlucky. No need to keep blaming the victim