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3.1% is the case fatality rate, which only accounts for deaths among known cases and is thus highly dependent on testing. Estimates for the infected fatality rate are around 0.6%, varying depending on the age distribution of the population. I agree with your overall point though.

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Same here

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Here’s some language from an email I sent about my office’s policy, in case it helps:

I'd like to highlight the risk with allowing maskless indoor meetings at all given the current volatility of the situation: we do not yet know the impact of re-opening indoor dining and other high-risk activities - not to mention the explosion of cases across the country as a whole - is having on COVID prevalence in our state. Ideally, we would not hold in-person meetings at all even amongst people who are onsite, as prolonged contact with infected individuals in the same room, particularly while talking, is well-documented as a high-risk activity.

As cloth masks primarily protect others from the mask-wearer, allowing the option for maskless meetings is putting responsibility onto individual employees of determining how much of a risk they pose to others. This is not a risk that we are able to assess as individuals, and therefore good policy needs to come from the top.

While I'm sure all our colleagues would self-isolate and stay home from work if they tested positive or had a known exposure, SARS-Cov2 infection is often asymptomatic, and in addition transmission can happen before symptoms develop. To my knowledge most employees are not getting COVID tests at the near-daily frequency required to catch cases in time to stop significant spread. We would not want our employees to unknowingly infect their coworkers, which is what maskless in-person meetings may very well lead to.

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Floor is Lava is so so stupid, yet I can’t stop watching it

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My company walked back their mask policy exemption. Masks now required in all meetings.

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I made that exact point to our COVID policy team and their response was: we’ll put up signs in the rooms reminding people that all attendees need to be comfortable for this to happen. I’m going to remind them of the public health inadvisability of having maskless indoor meetings (can’t believe I’m typing that) at all given non-symptomatic transmission, lack of testing, volatile pandemic situation, etc etc etc

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My workplace instituted a mandatory mask policy except when alone at your desk and in “meetings where everyone agrees not to wear masks”. What could go wrong??

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Based on their reported stats, I’m inclined to believe they either made up data or aren’t being honest about how they’re running the analysis, or both.

The size of the negative effect is also a bit of an outlier - if it’s that bad, smaller studies should have picked up on that too, but instead outcomes are all over the map.

Rushing to publish COVID research is resulting in some really shoddy output from supposedly respectable journals.

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It’s also like “chai tea”

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Herman Cain could’ve answered that question better