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That face is totally un-electable nationally. He's never, ever, going to be President.

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Exactly how many people has Mr. Cotton shot to date? Thank the good lord I didn't raise my kids in the great state of Texas where they could be shot by a responsible gun owner for excessive tardiness.

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I can't wait to see how the RNC will deal with Cruz during their convention. He'll probably run ('cause a grifter can't pass up the chance to grift) and get enough votes to earn a prime time speaking spot. Problem is, he'll crank the crazy up to 11 when Republicans will be trying to keep their peculiar brand of rabid insanity out of sight.

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Could we stuff Patrick Lynch in that hole in Staten Island instead of the groundhog? We promise to drag him back to the surface same time next year.

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Well there are limits to their capacity to forgive past sins. Like if you're the wrong skin color or you aren't rich.

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Well sure but....


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This morning I suffered a nasty cut while shaving. It was because my wife used (probably) my razor. You ladies and your damn vagina's ruin everything!

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Nothing Democrats do brings them more voters than does a large gathering of wingnuts trying to out wingnut each other. Please proceed

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Right? What the hell is a "life plan"?

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My parents never used corporal punishments but I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten through high school and the priests used to use a big paddle with holes in it. It happened to everyone in school at one time or another. For everything from insufficiently loving the baby Jesus to poor hand writing. It was sadistic and fraught with sexual undertones. What I learned from the experience is the Catholic church is a criminal syndicate full of sadistic pedophiles.