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I was just thinking along a different line of thought. . . . .

You ask, what do you think contributes to our cultural violence? I think violence is a value-laden term--that is, what one person views as violence may not be viewed as violence by others(s). So, violence (say, cultural violence) is a matter of perception or, stated another way, one person's view (or, perhaps, response) to a situation or thing. As such, we can control violence by controlling that within us that is violent--like you come across to me as saying. Forget about trying to control what's outside of us, get to the genesis within and think differently, see differently, to feel differently and behave differently. THAT could squelch a lot of violence? So, then, what may contribute to our cultural violence is a lack of *insight* toward a particular culture by any number of people? I know this begs, then, the definition and explanation of the notion of insight but in effort to circumvent the need for that I offer the idea that one demonstrates being with insight as not being in *opposition*, where opposition is a term I use to explain what I think is the sense of violence.