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And they'll be wearing pants! O the humanity.

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It seems that we're just being oversensitive to some poor design choices if this quote is any way indicative of the response.

"Good Lord people! "SS" my a$$! I read somewhere that the meaning is "Scout Sniper" or something and it does look like lightening bolts. Maybe because their shots are supposed to be fast??? I don't think there is ANY connection to the Natzis and nobody was even thinking about them when this flag was made. How very stupid to make such a fuss. Everything nowadays has to have some "underlying" message or affiliation now doesn't it? Grow up people!"

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You know, I like babies, I just don't think I could eat a whole one.

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All of 'em.

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Other category?! Damn he is afraid of the gay.

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Nah, Minnesota just has pesky laws about running for two federal offices at the same time. She'll be back, but if we're luck her district will get merged with another one that has slightly less reprehensible candidates.

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They missed out on the best headline of the primary so far. It's got it all: Santorum Surges, Low Dollar "Models" and whatever an Iowa Surprise is, running backwards through a cornfield?

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He probably has craigslist ads about how he's str8 acting and no femmes but you know five minutes after some trade crosses his door those ankles are firmly wrapped behind his ears.

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He actually wants to bring all the troops home, until we can afford more war... So, progress?