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I thought the way Warren Buffett worked was just basically sit around his office all day reading various news sources?

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Good to see you writing a post again. Been a lot of two lines and a block quote for a while, missed the Kedrosky Kommentary..

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How many hours per day do you spend reading news/twitter/etc?

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More Kedrosky more ways? Awesome...

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>The biggest one is that I have multiple accounts on Google ( as well as and they aren’t tightly integrated across all services.

Google has known about this problem and has been working on it for a long time (they talked about it last year at SXSW at the Gmail pannel). Now the solution for this is rolling out to Google Apps users right now. So check your Google Apps dashboard and you might be able to enable it right now.

It is called the "New infrastructure for Google Apps accounts" more details here:

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"patents have almost no impact on VC investment"

Correction: "patents have almost no impact on {IT/WEB] VC investment" act like your sector of VC investment is the only sector that exists.

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Should we have fewer markets? Instead of having 30-50+ markets/dark pools instead we have 3, and they are regulated similar to a natural monopoly.

Are we seeing flight to the most liberal markets similar to companies registering in the most liberal domiciles?

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I think it has a lot more to do with graduated drivers licences in many states now.

In 1978 it was much more common to be able to get a full drivers licence at 16, now many states have restricted drivers licences (day time only, no passengers, etc) which may reduce the utility of getting a drivers licence young (Mom may not be able to have her 16 year old drive all the kids to school for her).

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At the gMail pannel at SXSW the team said they were actively working to let you use Google Apps email addresses in place of addresses across all Google systems. I am not sure if that would help you or not (or if your still on the archaic Outlook you complain so much about).

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... assuming of course the 3+ year lag to get a patent approved is fixed.