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Whether it is personal or for your Company you need to have a SM strategy around what tools you are going to use, why you are using them, what their purpose is, who you are trying to reach, what type of information people want to receive where and when. The best framining of this for me was a post by @chrisbrogan) where he outlined what he calls Outposts ( and he has a diagram that is really helping me frame my thoughts.

You are bang on though Mark, with all the available tools and options and 'outposts' available it is important to start with a slow strategic approach that allows you to pivot based on feedback before you get too vested in any one area.

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Good post Mark,

I, like you, don't have an appetite for many of the newer services like foursquare, etc but I live on Twitter, blogs, etc. What I do have an interest in is what and how many of these new social services work. Many of these new services are now are exploring deeper into the domain of personal and social goings on and pushing the boundary of what some will accept and have an appetite to share. As the pendulum swings back towards center I think we will have a better understanding of what is 'possible' and can use that to craft better applications for people that have a truer meaning and value and operate within the boundaries of what most people will accept.

Although I don't use them there is great value in all these applications and there is money to be made in leveraging all their teachings and developments. Pushing the boundaries and expanding the scope of what we CAN do we will serve us well in the future as it always has, the pendulum on social I think will swing back towards middle for the vast majority of people while the early adopters continue to explore new bounds.


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Yes and a burger "a new product or service" as the definition states? No not really.

Depending on how the burger joint is going to market you could argue that it is a startup....I bet the guy who put $100K into opening, renovating and equipping the place would call it a start up.

A perfect definition doesn't exist, and there is no way to get consensus on this....this definition still works for me.

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One of the best definitions of startup I have read is from @ericries (who I recommend to ALL your readers as a follow). Eric defined a startup as

"A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty."

Using this definition I believe that a startup can occur WITHIN an established company. Large company's who are hugely innovate have, by Eric's definition, multiple startups running within them.

I like Eric's definition which I would then split out into startup 'Companies' versus startup 'Inititives' or 'projects'.

By any definition I would NOT classify Facebook as a startup.

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Definitely think that different businesses sizes fit different people at different times in their lives. Having the good fortune of being at large multi-nationals as well as at start-ups the latter is definitely where my sweet spot is. The ability to control, influence, lead and receive the direct, quick feedback on good and bad decisions is a rush I really enjoy. Failing fast and changing course for continuous customer focussed improvement is hugely fulfilling for me!

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Big fan of Jamie. I appreciate that he is not too salesy and very matter of fact. Calling a spade a spade needs to happen more often in business.

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I'd like to see India and some other countries on there as well as y/y rates of car ownership are escalating rapidly in many markets outside of Russia and China.

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Work hard, play hard...sometimes you have to unwind. That's my (very weak) justification.

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I bet the party after the SEC Chair session will be absolutely wild...bunch of animals!!!!