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To implement a manifesto like that would be a dream come true for the British people, all political Parties in Britain should be as intereested in the future of our people.

Excellent stuff


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The future of our Country is far bigger than any one person, the BNP has the integrity of a growing membership who know exactly what has to be done to save this country, even if the GE doesnt bear the type of fruit that is needed or expected, it is more importent to build a strong community based movement that defies the lunatics of Global Marxism.

I truely believe that the BNP is not just about politics and elections, it is the only place where normal British people can stand together in defence of our past, our present, and our future. This electoral system is bent as a nine-bob note, but I feel our movement will be unstopable in the near future.

VOTE BNP Your life depends on it !!!

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This sad situation in South Africa only bolsters my belief that Europeans belong in Europe, Whites colonised the world without the endless and enduring will to sustain our stock, this signifies to me that we, as White people have spread ourselves far too thinnly throughout the World .... Time for all our Racial Kindred to come home to the motherland of Europe, this may not seem plausible at the moment, but it will be inevitable sometime in the future.

Most posters on this site can genuinley see the problems ahead for us in Britain and indeed Europe, multiculturalism will be the death of us, it will be the death of your bloodline, the death of everything you have ever known, the death of our history, the death of our right as a distinct indigenous people to self preservation.

VOTE BNP, your life depends on it !!!

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They know their game is in danger of being overthrown, so thats why they are planning a hung parliament in order to stay in control.

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Well done and good luck

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Good news!! As long as we keep our integrity in order the future looks bright.

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I am not sure that we can withstand the effects of the last decade, unless we get a BNP Government, SOON

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I cant say I am over the moon about this, but I will trust the integrity of our party's leadership not to water down the ethos of the party.

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How can any self respecting white person let their kids go to a school like that

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Who can deny us the same rights as Israel to maintain our integrity as a Nation ??

Will the Jewish lobbies in the west see it the same way ??