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As of 3pm this afternoon, Maj Cook's orders to deploy were revoked with no explanation. Major Cook was not seeking a revocation of his deployment orders. He was seeking proof that the orders were legal as he had no proof that Obama is legally his Commander In Chief. This last minute revocation just proves that Obama is illegitimate and does not want the hearing to occur. Now, this just creates another problem: Just WHO rescinded the deployment orders? If it was Obama, then the revocation is also illegitimate as he had no legal right to order them in the first place. I hope Dr. Taitz is able to still push this at the Thurs hearing as Maj Cook's request for a restraining order did not include a request for the revocation of his deployment orders unless Obama is proven to be in office illegally.

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Also, you can attract quite a lot of attention if you write your websites and slogans on the windows of your vehicles with waterproof window markers. Works great for me! You wouldn't believe the number of people who have responded positively to this and have joined us.

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Please watch and pass on this video link for the "Potty Armada" promotional parade for the big Defend and Declare TEA Party in Chesapeake, VA. <a href="" target="_blank">
Maybe this terrific idea will catch on everywhere!

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Check out these updates. We need to rally behind these brave souls who are putting their lives on the line for our country:

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I am a faithful FOX News viewer and my children occasionally watch with me. If you are as disgusted as I am at the recent commercials for male enhancement and ED problems frequently interspersed during the FOX news afternoon and prime time hours, please join me in contacting FOX news to remove these highly offensive, inappropriate ads during their afternoon and prime time programs. My friend is outraged that her 9 year old son goes around singing "Viva Viagra". The majority of the FOX viewing audience is conservative, so why are they risking turning so many of us off by allowing sponsors to peddle this shameful garbage? I want my school age children to learn what is going on in the world without my nearly breaking my neck to find and grab the remote to change the channel during these ads. Even during Beck?! Please call FOX at 1-888-369-4762 and let them know how you feel about this.
While you're at it, go to their website and send them an email as well. Thanks so much!!

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I'm one of those so-called "right wing nuts" who is demanding the truth about Obama's citizenship status.
Many of you have been called the same --- my fellow nuts, take heart in this message I came across on a sign in a little shop in Ocracoke Island, NC : "BEAR IN MIND THAT EVERY GREAT OAK STARTED OUT AS A NUT THAT STOOD ITS GROUND." Keep up the fight!!!

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You said it!! Since when is the the job of the president to stand up and defend the the world's perception of any religion? Obama said it was his duty or job as president to do this for the Muslim world. Excuse me, but the most persecuted and openly ridiculed and abused people of faith are Christians -- in the liberal world, it's been open season on Christians for years. You certainly are not going to ever hear him defend us. He has made it crystal clear that he is NOT a Christian as he claims, but a closet Muslim.
Also, did you listen closely to the wording of his address to "the Muslim world", instead of saying "Arab world"? The Muslim world is a reference to a religious identity, not an ethnic or geographic group. They know who he really is and what he is all about. Everything this man has done is treasonous and yes, he needs to be removed ASAP. Go to the website of Dr. Orly Taitz or and join us in the fight to have him declared a usurper to the office of president.

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I don't know where you heard that from. Does anyone on this site actually believe that Obama shares any of our cares and concerns and will actually receive and read any of our emails? And even if he did get an email or 2 from one of us, it would have absolutely no effect on him. He is a pathological narcissist (has NPD -- Narcissistic Personality Disorder) with a Marxist worldview who is determined to whatever it takes to totally dismantle this nation. Kruschev would be so proud!

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I just heard on the news that Obama, in Saudi Arabia, identified the USA as a Muslim country. He took the liberty just a few months ago to tell the world that we are not a Christian nation. But now we are a Muslim country?! Why am I not surprised?
I think it is high time we start up some anti-Obama protests. He has disrespected and dismantled this nation to the possible point of no return -- and his approval rating is still sky-high? Patriots, it is time that we let this man know we OPPOSE HIM AND EVERYTHING HE STANDS FOR! I am involved in the Tea Party movement big-time, but spending and taxes is just one aspect of how our country is being destroyed. LET'S ORGANIZE AND SPEAK UP NOW. The MSM needs to know that Obama is not as highly regarded as they make him out to be. This sickens me to the core. I am fully aware that the problems are bigger than just Obama, but I highly doubt that ANYONE else in the gov't would be out there doing this kind of damage to us.

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As I said in my post yesterday, where in the MSM is this story? Nowhere. I found out though one of my patriot web groups. I had called Mr. Taylor's office several times over the last few weeks and was told I was one of many calls on this issue.
Please join me in now putting the pressue on Mr. Fitzgerald!