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My brother-in-law is a proud Marine 1st sargeant in the reserves who, along with all of our country's veterans past and present, has served his country in times of peace and war. I refuse to believe in my heart of hearts that they would give their lives for a government that would stoop to such fascist tactics as the notice above regarding "fishy" information. This is not North Korea, Nazi Germany, China, Cuba, or Venezuela!! This is the United States of America, the "shinning city on the hill!!" Please let us not forget that - we have paid for our freedom with American blood. It is too priceless and powerful to let slip through our fingers.

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My husband and I will be riding a tea party bus to D.C. on 9/12. I belive that despite the growing anger in this country over the extreme liberal policies being forced down our throats, we "astroturf" protestors will acquit ourselves with honor as we make our VOICES heard in Washington. If this were a Frank Capra movie, it might be titled MR. COMMON SENSE GOES TO WASHINGTON!!!

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President Obama and the liberals in Congress and the Senate need to get a grip and look more seriously at including Republican ideas of pre-tax savings plans, TORT reform, and Medicaid/Medicare fraud. The waste that comes from frivolous lawsuits and rampant fraud is what should be given an "early death," not the proud elderly Americans who have contributed as much to the success of this nation. I don't think that our veterans fought and died so that only the lucky few could enjoy decent healthcare!!!

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If you've ever dealt with the IRS or any other government bureaucracy, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the federal healthcare system would look just as labryinthian!!! People need to keep being the squeaky wheels by continued contact with representatives, emailing friends and family, and protesting with the tea parties. If all else fails, we might have to bring our pitchforks with us to D.C.! Stay strong and fight the good fight. If you want to keep the great experiment of the American republic going, failure is not an option!!!

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Thanks jrv119 for the web link with the electronic petition and emails to Congress!! I took advantage of this tool, and I also forwarded this information to friends and family!! I've also emailed my Republican and Democratic representatives regarding and news report on Fox, detailing a recent trip that hundreds of Social Security Administration executives took costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars!! Check it out... in the words of Glenn Beck, it will "make blood shoot out of your eyes!"

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Just keep calling or emailing your know what they say about the "squeaky wheel." My healthcare plan isn't perfect, but it sure as hell is better than what President Obama and the leftist democrats are proposing. I don't want long waits or rationing for my family or for my parents (especially in light of recent disturbing reports about the potency of the H1N1 virus)!!

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Having an Islamic school that encourages extremist teachings, especially that of Sharia law, existing in the state that gave birth to the Bill of Rights is beyond oxymoronic. I refuse to see my daughter grow up in a world where women are treated so horribly!!