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Q: How do you setup "your church's microsite?" I suspect it is with CSS at which I'm a n00b learning. I've graduated from Front Page to nvu but still make quick and dirty hacks with notepad. :-)

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I think the key to an excellent web site is to think about a) who you want to reach and b) what do you want to say to them or provide for them. I've seen too many non-profits let any volunteer techie create whatever they wanted and called it a web site.

It's hard to do strategic planning for a web site. It takes a lot of effort.

But in the end, the planned out web site will be more USEFUL to the people who need it most.

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A man takes risks - is OK being scared and does it anyway.

A man makes a plan - and then follows it.

A man is willing to do "hard" things - he believes he will be better off in the long run.

A man listens to carefully-picked council – he is willing to try their suggestions – and he takes what he likes and leaves the rest.

A man takes care of his own needs first - then he can be of better service to God and others.

A man sometimes succeeds – and he gives credit to God's help.

A man sometimes fails - and he learns and he pushes on.

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I found "Boston" (debut album) at the Roswell Good Will store last year. It was still playable. People in Roswell give away GOOD Stuff. I got a great leather Targus laptop bag (one zipper slightly mis-functioning) for $10.

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I had a blog I used to update. But that was before I got sucked into the collective known as FaceBook. Now, I micro-blog on FB and ignore my old blog. And I feel guilty that I'm leaving behind people.. Why haven't I updated my blog? Time. I took time to write what I thought were meaningful entries. Now I throw < 140 chars up on FB and be done with it. Do I need FB recovery? Step 1 - I'm powerless over FB and my online life has become unmanageable.

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Annoy:: cut in line of backed up traffic
Super-annoy: cut in line front of ME after waiting in a long line of backed-up traffic (I get to practice forgiving in Atlanta traffic A LOT)
Charm:: Hugs are always appreciated

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It is hard. When my wife, Trudie, died 14 months ago, I was numb, I was in denial, I was very sad. And, when I didn't know what to do, God showed up. Jesus has been my rock through it all. He has carried me through the rough seas. He has helped me do the grief work - and it is work. To get on the other side of the grief, I learned that I had to go through the grief. It wasn't fun. But now, I believe I'm past most of the hard stuff. I still hit the occasional "emotional land mine" and find a little more work I have to do. But now I'm looking forward to a future in which I can honor God in being single for a season. And hopefully, if He is willing, to a new season after that with someone He is even now preparing for me. I have stronger walk with Him now and keep my eyes glued on His face each and every day.

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The Atomic City - Oak Ridge, TN. I was an Oak Ridge boy before there were Oak Ridge Boys. I have to go home every so often to get my green glow recharged. :-)

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Are we there yet?