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It can't be denied that gaa is a political organisation when they continue to name clubs, grounds etc. after terrorists. What I find more offensive though is the lack of style or coordination of the people that wear them. Green tops, purple shorts, yellow socks, all about 3 sizes too big is the typical style. They just look horrendous. Of course, what we're going to see now is a proliferation of those wearing the tops- many just to wind unionists up.

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Lord Tebbit is correct, he shouldn't have said it. He should just keep that dream and desire to himself, like the rest of us....

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You can file myself, a very large portion of the British population in that category too....

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If he has a valid EU passport he can come here if he wants. Just don't use a penny of my taxes towards his visit, and don't close off any roads and all will be fine.

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Ballyhack nationalist area???

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Excellent news! The inefficient public sector (including NHS) should be shrunk even further. I'm fed up paying over 40% of my salary to lazy, under-worked and overpaid robots.

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Propaganda such as the "in your face" gay pride marches, and OTT camp gays. It is not natural and should be kept behind closed doors. This media is unrepresentative of most people and has gone PC lefty mad.

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Would you like a pastie supper....

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I did not suggest that any member of the judiciary is a legitimate target- in fact I don't believe anyone is, murder is murder. If you read my comment properly you would see that i meant by applying republican/SF/IRA ideology (which Finucane represented) then this was simply an act of "war" which they created in their own minds.

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Typical of republicans, always the victims. The fact is, Finucane represented certain people within the IRA, which using republican ideology would make him a legitimate target if he was "on the other side". Just in the same way they considered workmen that service police stations or pizza delivery men that deliver to army bases legitimate targets.

And they also claim it was "state collusion". Sure this was an IRA war against the British state, so if it was a proper war, were the British Army not within their rights to collude? Of course not, because republican terrorism is romantic. The British are just the evil purpetrators of the potato famine....

Of course, they don't think this way because the republican movement are a brainwashed machine, starting way back in primary school and the one-sided version of history they're taught.