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This is seriously upsetting! I do not even know what to say. I wish I could laugh. He is talking about forgiveness with bitterness towards the church. You can see the anger and the bitterness. There is no humility in his voice or comments... he has now moved into the "accuser of the Brothern" role.

What is sick to me is that this guy loves to go on national television and bash the Bride of Christ and instead of humbling himself and saying he deserves everything he has received. Now he has moved from being repentant and thankful to be being proud and arrogant.

I am broken for this guy because he takes scripture and believes he has been given the right be proud about forgiveness. He is not upset about his sin he is upset he is not respected. This guy worships the respect of man. So in order to gain respect he is starting to disrespect the church.

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Love ya Deb! Thanks

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Thank you for this post. I feel the same and have almost the same experience. I am so thankful for God's amazing grace and I am overwhelmed by Him... Body, soul, and spirit.

Thanks Kyle.

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I was hoping you would post my boy Michael P on After I watched I knew if I told you about him he would make the front page of ORS. LOL
I love how he has merged Hillsong with Usher and just really made a whole new style of worship expression that is fun for him and fun for us to watch. The leg movement and the sound effects and the off pitch notes it is just the perfect package that spells F U N!

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LOL a drunk bill cosby!!! Nice

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I will be your BFF if you give me a ticket. PLEASE.

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I could not agree more. I think Mike should change the name to "I Pray Off Devils" or "Ipod" I do not think Steve Jobs would mind it is not that big of a deal.

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Thanks for the comment and yes I am ben's brother. I love that guy. Blessings on you all

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"It takes a humble songwriter, a songwriter obsessed with God’s glory and filled with his grace, to be able to lay down a lesser truth for the greater truth."
I think if you do not begin with the truth that God is revealing and wants revealed in the song then you will just have real confusion.
Great post and thanks for the insight.

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praying for you michelle. Thanks for the comment