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Dear god, my aunt just shared this on Facebook with the comment "so sad to see Chris Kimball go. I will miss his Vermont letters." !!!

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Omg this is too, too much this early in the morning. Also I'm about 100% sure that the Michael Hale of the dog review is twitter user @dogboner, but unfortunately I can't check Amazon for Magic Wands at work to verify.

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LW1, I cannot overstate how great online money transfers are in this situation. I use Chase Quickpay constantly at group dinners, etc. I even used it to prepay for a bachelorette party like this one where they divided up cost beforehand. In terms of alcohol, might be tricky to find somewhere that will let your large group sit without having a server. If this is the case, I would repeatedly tell guests to either a) bring cash for the bill or b) use Google Wallet/Chase/Venmo to send you money for their drinks. Easy on servers, easy on you.

ALSO, I personally would eliminate food from the equation entirely, either by organizing a little potluck beforehand, or else going out well past dinner. Less to think about that way, and if someone skips out on the bill or forgets to pay it won't make as much of an impact on you.

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Crap! This was to @funfetti. I wonder what happened.

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I went to school around the same time as you. CU will always have a special place in my heart--I ran out to Green Street for the election, too, and probably have a very similar picture. What a wonderful day, even if the election didn't mean all that we hoped it would in the long run.

I think that (beautiful) article really speaks to the vast diversity you can find at Illinois. It's easy to dismiss CU as dumb, drunk, white and in the middle of nowhere, but by my senior year I really came to recognize how deeply international the population is. That's why the news about Steven Salaita really bummed me out. There is just so much rich cultural art, music, writing, discussion, scholarship going on in Champaign.

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My minimal understanding from my non-clinical job in a healthcare setting is that due to shortages of the vaccine this year, the intramuscular shot is all there was available for the above 18 shot--shipments were delayed for a while, too, as we just started our mandatory staff shots last week. Intramuscular shots are generally much more painful than a regular shot, and I still have a raised bump at the injection site after a week plus. As I understand it, this is the strongest form of the shot. I think a pharmacist/vaccine orderer of some sort would know better than me, but that's what I heard when I got mine!

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Pop-Pop gets a Grisham?

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Nothing in this world is as good as Ras Trent

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To echo y'all: I'm so grateful for The Toast. The last year has been...weird, and hard, for me. It's so great to wake up every morning and go to my crappy job and have somewhere to, you know, cybersurf that hosts such amazing voices, comments, and Simpsons references. I feel like I'm finally, finally regaining my voice and myself, and I can't overstate how much this space has helped. (Hopefully I'll delurk more as this second year starts!) Thanks pals!

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Semi-lurker butting in to say: I just sent an email to ICAT too! (Although, I sent it to the info@icat dot org email address instead, do you think that'll be ok for getting through?) I'm ready to rumble!