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By now, if not before, no one should believe anything coming from any elected official or any "intelligence" agency.

It's curious that, Mr Trump, being such a flawed person, that anyone would be inclined to fabricate lies about him, when the truths about him are already so deplorable.

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Did anyone care about Hilary's emails?
Did anyone care about the even sillier Russiagate nonsense?

People were concerned about Hilary's militarism, that she was riding Bill's coat-tails, and that she lacked charisma. She won the popular vote because people were concerned about the climate emergency, the environment, reproductive choice, and racism.

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Regarding the Henry Carey (The Harmony of Interests, p. 217) comment towards the end of the article, the roles of Britain and the US seem to have transition to the new roles of the US-I and China...... “The US-I seems committed to pauperism, ignorance, depopulation, and barbarism; China seems committed to increasing wealth, comfort, intelligence, and civilization. The US-I looks towards universal war; China looks towards universal peace....

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Morality exists in some individuals, but is morality a thing within a government? Is there anything moral about US-I foreign policy?

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Aaron Mate is correct to equate Russiagate with Q-Anon by calling Russiagate, BlueAnon.

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So the Trump Regime is accusing Russia of poisoning one man to distract from the Trump Regime making millions of people sick and killing at least 212,000 of its own citizens?

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Elections remove the need for citizen revolt only if the election offers improvement over the old conditions. It could, if Biden appointees are decent people.

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"a tribunal of people elected by the people representing all cultures and foremost the natives."

The public could be represented by criteria other than location of residence, but location of residence has been the easiest to manage. Once we get online voting, maybe it will be possible to vote for a representative of real interest groups rather than the fake interest grouping of residential location. One Congress person could be elected to represent each large interest group - the disabled, youth, seniors, veterans, maybe each voter could vote for his/her top three interests and the winning 535 interests would get represented.

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But the public doesn't accept all the degeneracy. Lots of people know what's wrong with the system we have but not how to build a better system. Other countries may have come up with a better system but most Americans know nothing about political systems of other countries - if they did, we could probably use those ideas to put together a better system in this country. We should ask our Senate and Congress candidates what they know about the political systems of other countries. The fact is they don't even know much about the political system of the country in which they are running for office.

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The religion of Zionism - worshiping Israel - has turned the US into a theocracy.