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Who wants to bet that CU comes onto the field this weekend completely unprepared and starts slow? CSU will be fired up to beat us, per usual, and it will take us a whole quarter to get something going (which might be too late.) Also, needing to make adjustments at half will be crucial. We were tied at half last year and then we came out foggy (we know how that ended.)

I am REALLY hoping that CU has a fire in them to get the trophy and bragging rights back within the state. They need to come out fired up and wanting to take no prisoners. Coach Mac and Rick George have to know that if they lose this one, fans will be uninterested in the remainder of the reason and Folsom will be empty (minus the out of state fans traveling here for an easy win.) Hoping Hawaii was a fluke.


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These renderings are SO old. That store Lola and Hapa are LONG gone... they were there when I was at CU and lived on the hill.

Man, Boulder..... figure out the root of the problem and what caused the demise of the hill and then go from there to try to make it better. THIS IS A YOUNG ADULT AND STUDENT ENVIRONMENT. You already have a Pearl street, you do not need another. I believe the terrible restrictions on liquor licensing started the crumble.

Stop letting crap restaurants lease up there; add in some more boutiques (like old Lola shown in the photo), open up a cool martini bar, open up stuff that CU students would happily flaunt to. Pipe shops, terrible and dirty restaurants are not going to cut it in Boulder with our plethora of amazing restaurants on Pearl. The rent has to be ungodly high, might as well get some quality stuff up there. The answer of building more rich kid lofts in those empty nook and crannies is not the answer either. Be smart about what goes up there... and know who your audience is (18-25 year olds.)

Old K's China space is EMPTY and is arguably the best patio in Boulder ... that view of the flatirons is insane. Something so incredibly cool could go in there... but nope, empty and I am worried for what they DO end up allowing in that space.


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Have you seen the plethora of new beautiful buildings on the CU campus that have gone up over the years (law building, biz school, c4c, art complex, etc..?) I am an alum and issues of old buildings was never an issue (if anything the mix gives campus some character.) CU can't do everything at once, as far as building and renovations go, and I feel like they prioritize well, and do so in a timely fashion. In order for CU to stay relevant and competitive with other Pac 12 facilities, this was a must. You clearly are not a CU buff fan, because if you were, you would be really excited about the improvements that were a long time coming. Plus, a large, well-known public school needs both academics and athletics to truly excel.

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Folsom is a complete joke and it just looks so terrible Are al the lines and "sticks" really necessary? It's absolutely terrible looking and now there is backed up traffic. Wait till the students are back and when game days happen at CU. Boulder should have tested 63rd first...... this was a highly stupid misstep.

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This is exciting and will be great for the Boulder community and visitors. I just went to the Fort Collins museum of Discovery and was pretty impressed. Hoping Boulder takes learnings from it and makes this one even better.

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This is now the most despicable looking street in town. It's s train wreck. Nice job, Boulder. Now there is traffic/backups on Folsom, and guess what? I rarely see a cyclist. WHAT A JOKE.

Game day traffic should be a blast.

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Why would someone who is clearly not a Buff fan comment? Oregon is going to stomp every single team they play this year buddy. CU has shown vast improvements since last year.... oh, and did you know our basketball team is projected top 15 in the nation this season? We will enjoy that Pac-12 money.. thanks.

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Look at Oregon's schedule everyone... thus far in the season, they have BLOWN out every team like this. CU played their heart out just like any of the other opponents... Oregon is just THAT good. There is no doubt in my mind that Oregon would smoke any SEC team... especially Alabama. I think it's great we get to be in the company of such an awesome program. CU did show signs of life yesterday.... they would be have been beaten double that by Embree's team last year. I see improvements every week..... new year, new coach... it takes time. CU is exactly where they should be, in the Pac 12. All other sports are doing very well.... football will catch up in time. Go Buffs and congrats to an amazing Oregon team... I hope they go all the way.

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This is so nice to hear. Proud to be a Buff for sure :)

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I had an incredible 4 years at CU. It was tough academically - and that's why many freshman are weeded out after the first year. But you learn how to balance and enjoy the many fun aspects of CU and Boulder and still get your work done.

CU absolutely deserves any good ranking it gets. Any alum will agree.

All of my friends and fellow alum are doing great, diverse things in the workplace today thanks to CU (ranging from the arts to business to engineering)