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I don't disagree with what you are saying, but robert above claims that his statement is hypocritical. It is not.

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there is a difference between decriminalizing and legalizing. Nothing hypocritical in his statement.

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I can't say that I know what Julie G's entire financial situation is, but how can you assume she is not being personally responsible?

Most families in America, even when they are financially responsible, can't cover 10's of thousands of Dollars in Medical bills. That family may have solid employment, minimal debt, a mortgage in good standing, and maybe even a little savings. They have insurance through their employer, or maybe they've purchased insurance on their own.

Now imagine a member of their family is diagnosed with cancer. Then, with all they are dealing with in trying to cope with the illness and praying their family member will get well, the bills start coming in. Claim denied. Procedure is experimental/unnecessary.

While I admit, given our current financial state as a nation, that many American's need a lesson in personal responsibility, this issue goes beyond that. Even if you think you've got all the bases covered, you really don't know until someone you love is ill. It shouldn't work that way and no one should have to file for bankruptcy for this reason.

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Don't you realize that the only reason the cost is as high as it is for health care is due to the flawed system that we have. The only way to control the cost is to change the system. Because every entity involved (the dr., the drug company, the hospital, the insurance co, the medical supply co. and on and on) must turn a profit, they each add the the cost and it just goes up and up.

Will it be expensive to change it, yes! But look at the alternative. The pricing is out of control and will only get worse. If it is done right, we will all save money in the long run. It just won't work the way it is now.