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Hi :) I'm trying to unlock my iPhone 3GS that's locked to Softbank (Japanese carrier) :/ Could someone help me, please...?
Currently iOS 6.1.2, BB 05.16.08. No SHSH blobs for previous iOS's. The first 5 # of my serial is 88036
And the power button at the top is broken, so I have to use AssistiveTouch feature in the Accessibility setting instead. Thank you in advance!!!

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I'm sorry, I just thought I was supposed to downgrade straight from iOS 6.1.2 (which I currently have) to 4.1??? >_< Or am I supposed to downgrade to iOS 5 first or something?

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Thanks! I meant, I'm not sure if I should update to 6.1.3 or should I just keep 6.1.2 before trying to revert to 4.1?

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Also, I'm trying to revert to iOS 4.1 using Redsn0w, but when I connect to iTunes with Recovery Mode (DFU?), it says I have to update to iOS 6.1.3... should I do it? Thanks!!!

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Thank you for your reply. I have iOS 6.1.2, BB 05.16.08.
And the Power button is broken...

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Thank you for your reply! Actually my Home button works fine. The Power button on top is broken, though. I enabled the AssistiveTouch feature in the Accessibility setting so that I can power off iPhone by tapping on the screen. Would that be useful?

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Hi! Does anyone have any idea about my question above? Or should I repost it as a new thread? Thanks!!! :)

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Thank you very much for your helpful reply! Sorry it's been a while!
I'm trying to use RedSn0w to revert to 4.1 like you wrote, and I have a question in the process.
My power button is broken, so I think I have to use DFU IPSW option in RedSn0w, right? So I'm trying to do it with the instruction on the link below (even though I'm using Mac, not Windows):
On that, it says I need to download and use "the most recent firmware."
Does that mean I use 6.1.2? Or do I select 4.1for RedSn0w to create DFU Mode IPSW?? Sorry I'm clueless... thanks for your help :)

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oh no... how do u find the replies to your old comments?! >_<

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Hi, is the torrent above the only place to get legit PwnageTool? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but my uTorrent's not downloading it :_(