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"which applies to both leaders and Scouts"

They are being banned. Men that molest boys are homosexuals, as well as pedophiles.

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Yeah, this guy talked to the owners and they had some kind of "agreement". Been there, done that, myself. I just know how frustrating it can be, and how the story mentioned a previous barking problem. I put up with one for well over 10 years. My solution finally came by taking advantage of the liberal street parking laws in our rural neighborhood. Who wants to come home to a large ugly vehicle in front of their house every day?

I don't think what this guy did was appropriate, but can totally empathize with him if barking drove him to it. I seriously lost 100s of hours of sleep, and spent dozens of hours researching solutions, that would work for our situation. Of course when these neighbors moved in with their dogs, they said that if they caused ANY problems to just let them know and they'd take care of it right away.

I've learned that some people value their pet's life more than that of a fellow human being. Comments on Komo reinforce this often.

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Maybe the owner will keep his dog quiet from now on...

One year is FAR too long for beating a dog. You can kill a human and get less time.

Humourous how all the dog lover's are on here wishing the perp was dead. It's sad this man resorted to beating the dog. Maybe smacking the dog's owner up side the head would have worked out better for him. Certainly would have gotten less time in jail.

Don't want your dog beat? Keep the darn thing quiet and show your fellow man the same respect you show you canine.

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My kid got a muffler through his windshield just yesterday in Seattle. Driving a poorly maintained vehicle is just as dangerous as not securing your load...

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Sponsored by KFC?

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Angel of the Winds Casino! $1.49 Salmon and Chips.

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If he tries to jump into the pool with no swimming trunks on, I will.

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I think there are many who should be decent enough not to expose themselves in a public pool, most of whom have been disfigured by their own doing...if you get my drift.

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And I can't believe how rude this lady is. Why scare everybody out of the pool, when she could find a private pool to swim in with little effort.

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Why do these stories always claim booze is more expensive now? I've been paying less since day one, even after the 20.5% and $6.60 at checkout. Very pleased with the lower prices and convenience.