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Our First Amendment Rights are silently being taken away. Check out my blog

It is time for us to no longer be silenced!
Pam Montgomery
Proud Surviving Spouse of LCpl. Brian Montgomery, USMC
KIA 8/1/2005

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My husband, LCpl. Brian Montgomery was killed in Iraq on August 1, 2005, and he fought for our nation and its citizens because he believed in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness not just for Americans but for all peoples. At this time in our history, those very ideals are under attack. We can not allow anyone or thing else to win. This is our country for the keeping. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "It is an axiom in my mind that our liberty can never be safe but in the hands of the people themselves. " Our liberty has been out of our hands for far too long. It is high time we reclaim it.

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We must hold the media accountable and the political action committees who work tirelessly to silence us accountable for their unconstitutional actions. We are slowly losing our first amendment rights. Our free speech is impaired by those who use the premise of their right to free speech to criticize and slander those who speak out against them. Our right to peaceful assembly has begun to erode as the federal government deems third political parties as militias. The freedom of the press seems to have been lost many years ago when the big media companies were bought out by big liberals or big conservatives. Independents can not get any air or press. We must band together and reclaim our first amendment. We must not fear the retribution that may occur because we have become activists. Our nation is at a critical juncture in our time, and we must not fail our country and our nation.