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I thought this was a disgraceful performance from the moderator. She took a bemused tone and seemed to regard the whole thing as a tempest in a teapot. Actually it's a real crisis at one of the most important cultural institutions in Los Angeles. At one point , talking about whether a gallery owner was qualified to run a museum she said, "what's the difference, art is art". She also managed to make a dramatic situation seem boring. How about mentioning that Eli Broad is building his own museum DIRECTLY across the street from MOCA? That would seem to be a newsworthy fact. .

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Conservatives are not that interested in the arts in general. Not painting, sculpture,music,film, dance, etc. Sports, religion, and capitalistic pursuits are more important. Isn't this true? So no wonder the films suck.

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"It is suspicious a “Malik Shabazz” appeared on the White House visitors’ log. Mr. Maloy thinks he’s smart by saying the White House identified Shabazz as a false positive. However, due to MMfA’s other predictable tactic of presuming a hyperlink to a tangential White House FAQ web page puts any and all questions to rest, Maloy ends up providing no “proof” to corroborate the White House’s denials."
Proof? The White House stated directly that the NBP Malik Shabazz was not the guy who visited. What more do you want them to say?

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So the answer to my question is, no, you can't name a time Obama has played the race card in a debate , because he never has.
It would be an amazing thing to have 2 black candidates for president, and it would be a great moment for America. For all the criticism we get from Europe, those countries have a LONG way to go before any ethnic minorities will be elected Prime Minister or whatever. Germany sure as hell isn't going to elect a Turkish leader.
Cain is way too inexperienced to be elected president though, and I think Obama would do jus fine against him. You seem to think everyone shares his extreme free market philosophy, you are mistaken.
The vast majority of minority voters vote democrat, yet they are the "real racists" according to you, not the overwhelmingly white republican party. LOL

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I was replying to the original comment by Wesley69 above.

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Can you name me one time when Obama "played the race card" in a debate?

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As far as I know, Cain has never been elected to any political office. And you think he can be elected president? I don't know, I understand that conservatives like the idea of an "outsider" to the political system, but that seems like a step too far to me. I mean, NO experience in political office?

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No I haven't. I've been shown that the N word is used on there. But in what context? Most of the posts seem to be blasting conservatives not black people. It may be poor taste to use the word at all , but that's not the same as racism. There is a big difference between Richard Pryor using the N word and David Duke using it. Show me a post from wonkette describing blacks as "freeloaders" on the "plantation" , like I could find on this site any day.

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I see racism in posts like this , just down the page a little: "most freeloading blacks have nowhere else to go except back on the democrats plantation for freebies,seeing their master/handler may run out of freebies in 2012 (not get re-elected?),their getting worried and confused,may have to get off their asses and actually work to live

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Those new black panther guys are nuts and everyone knows it. They are a tiny fringe group and they only get attention because Fox, Drudge, etc hype them up into some big menace. Actually that's a pretty good example of right wing race baiting right there, thanks.