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You're absolutely right, thank you. I stood in line for two hours to put my "I Voted" sticker on Susan B. Anthony's grave on Tuesday, and everyone was in such a good mood and so kind to each other even though it was cold and raining. I refuse to believe that that spirit of goodwill and determination disappeared with the results of the election.

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I'm feeling better today; kind of peaceably numb, which I'll take over the post-breakup/death feeling I had on November 9. Avoiding Facebook and using Twitter sparingly has also helped.

I've been really trying to stay positive. What helps is I realized yesterday morning that there are literally millions of people in this country who feel the same way I do, and something good is going to come out of this. We have to fight.

But I also don't want to diminish our anger and grieving process either. Wednesday at lunch my coworker was talking about the death of the US, having a climate change denier in the White House, the Supreme Court, etc. and I was trying to counter with Positive Energy and he said "well, I can't really see it your way yet because I had to console my sobbing 8-year old daughter this morning," and that really struck me. My "let's just love each other harder" platitudes are not what he needed to hear and I should have been more sensitive to that. Maybe staying angry is what we need right now.

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While my current job is still a complete soul-sucker (my boss doesn't invite me to meetings I should be in! She completely rewrites every assignment she gives me! When I ask her for feedback, she just says "Oh, I thought it would work better [this way], so I just rewrote it instead of sending it back and forth"!) I have a glimmer of a taste of a hope for a foothold in a dream job that will be opening up in December. Rumor is they already have a "girl" they're rooting for for the job, but I have more experience and more applicable skills, so we'll see. Fingers entirely crossed.

Also! I got to see Margaret Atwood speak a few weeks ago and she was sharp-tongued and funny and brilliant. Additionally, I don't know if this was mentioned over at the Toast dot net, but I later discovered she follows TheToast on Twitter!


Hope you're all hanging in there and giving yourselves good self-care ;)

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Seconding vladazhael's self-care routine: when I worked the worst job I've ever had I'd treat myself to Friday nights with a pizza, a pint of Phish Food or a big soft cookie with frosting, and Inspector Lewis, all while comfortable ensconced in a papasan chair. Some days it was the only thing getting me through the week without burning the office down.

I hope you feel better soon, Manka!

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Same on Gene Wilder.

Also Secret Teen Crush for young Lo? *whispers* Chris Noth. Like, Law & Order Chris Noth, not stupid Mr. Big Chris Noth.

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You are 100% not alone in that. I have been in a state of what can only be described as "mildly furious" this week and it's taking all of me not to throw a damn-it-all-to-hell tantrum most days.

Ugh. I just want a whole pizza and a marathon of Law & Order and everyone to LEAVE ME ALONE.

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UGH micromanaging. I hear you and I feel you on that. It is soul-crushing sometimes.

You know what? I believe in YOU. You're going to be great and do great things and you've got this. Only a matter of time. I'm glad we can encourage each other in this situation.

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Thank you - and I hope things go smoothly! Please don't worry about me.

And to be fair, my coworkers are lovely and kind people most of the time, I even consider some of them to be friends. They just don't GET IT, you know? They don't understand why art and fashion are academic pursuits.

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Well, I hate to be this person - but this is my first comment on this site (beautiful job, Manka! I've enjoyed your posts :) and I'm here to be mopey.

I feel like my career is at a standstill. I recently applied to a great job in my field of all places (art) and was rejected. Again. I know I'm smart, I'm capable, and a hard worker - but I seem to never get quite close enough to make a move into my passion. My current job is tangentially related (science museum) and I'm always the stupidest person in the room because my background is in art and fashion instead of natural sciences and anthropology. My coworkers smirk when I go on about contemporary art or a cool gown I found in the collection. They don't get it, and granted, I glaze over when they talk about projectile points but at least they have someone to talk to about it!
And lord knows art history is a dead-end field, I've been hearing that since grad school but I'm starting to believe it you guys!
I know I have to keep trying, but I'm super discouraged and not to mention the institution I'm in is rotting from the inside due to incompetent administration. I want to lie on the floor and weep.