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So is Panetta now on Janet's 'watch list'?....or is he just using racialist 'code words'....

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What a joke. Journalism in the mainstream media is dead, and the country is Skeee-rreeewwwd folks

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Yea I guess by that definition, all the farmers during the great depression would be on watch lists. I was actually just thinking along the lines of trying to let friends, relatives, and internet trolls know that we are likely headed for really really hard times (like for generations). I wouldnt know anything about um.....tea party bumper stickers, or anything crazy like that....

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Yup when our time comes, it'll be a bigger, harder faster fall than the Roman Empire, if the Liberals and race-baiters have their way. Our day will come and all we can do is try to prepare for this train wreck, while the mainstream press plays palace-guard.

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And so it begins.....

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Every election is an advance auction on stolen goods. H.L Menken

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No designer Obama cloth diapers? Bondage, S&M Gear? Super baggy Gangsta Jeans?

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Actually, Buffet is fighting the IRS over 6 billion. This dog-and-pony show he does with Obama and his altruistic BS is just a ploy to get his own tax bill knocked down, eventually.

Most other megalomaniacs would act the same when they owe 6 billion. Its actually brilliant psychopathy

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Romney's Grandparents were U.S citizens when his dad was was born in Chihuahua. Are these Andrea's 'racist codewords' ?

Or is this proof to the idea that if Hispanics voted 85% Republican, the Democrats would have built a bullet train to Mexico City by now.

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If anyone persecuted the Christians out of would have been the Palestinians, Jimbo.