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I've noticed that as well, but then again it doesn't help that I've been busy at work the last couple of days. I can't wait until the store is open so I can have a life again and finally be able to be a night owl again :)

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Can't believe some of your coworkers said that. You could have your own version of thanksgiving once your down there or adapted it with the local holidays and what not.

Heck, every time I'm going state bound this time of year, I always get why am I going down for thanksgiving when we Canadians had ours in October.. I just say cause I can, and who said we need to have thanksgiving only in October or November. It gets them to shut up :)

Good luck at the eye doctors tomorrow..

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It makes me sad that kids today don't give a rats ass about safety. UNTIL it hits close to home. I do know one thing when my kids are of age, hit the age were they wanna be on the computer a lot. I will be monitoring their usage and whatnot's.

Heck, both my facebook and myspace accounts are of very close net friends and or people I went to school with. I don't see why I need to open both up to the public so they can see who I paddle with and stalk me that way.

I've met 4 close friends from online before, 3 were when I was paddling at different festivals (lol) and I always had someone with me when I met them, then again they were all paddlers. My bff, met her in person 3 years after I started talking to her and some other friends of ours. Since then we have a yearly gathering.

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That bites, that your friend never showed or even called to say they were running late :/ .

Traveling and visiting all the people you want to always have given me a headache were I just want to crawl under a rock and hide ..

Hope you enjoy the new version of wow.

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They sound like a flock of sheep with one brain cell between them all. You are WAY better then them!

How many teachers can say they've teach students in more then one country?... Not many.. Once you move to NZ you'll be one of the lucky ones.

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congrats on that pound.
that sucks that its an invite only, hopefully you'll hear from them soon.
100 embroidery threads, whoa.. the most I've purchased was around 25.