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Fake news implies news that is not true, and a lot of what we here can be classed as fake. However the greatest danger is not fake news it is the clever way of slightly distorting some true news to create a wrong impression. It is using the tactics of advertisers to give erroneous impressions while passed on some true happening, and leaving out facts that would undercut the selected facts. It is simply propaganda, and should be labeled as such. A good propagandist doesn't rely on fake news, they know that it is more effective to influence someone by reporting certain selected fact and dressing them up a bit. A good propagandist does not rely on fake news.

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Some years ago influential American interests seized on the goal of replacing Putin with an American stooge, like they accomplished in the Ukraine. The U.S.has found that by creating enough economic problems in a country the populace will become restive and susceptible to a coup. We have the power to make life miserable economically by instituting sanctions and financial barriers. So if we wish to create unrest in Russia we need to make the people suffer economnically, and we can levy sanctions on Russia to make the Russian people suffer. But e can't just levy sanctions out of the blue. So our media got the signal to switch from focussing on the threat terrorism to the threat posed by Russia. The first step was to declare Russia was an enemy. Which we then did. Various influential Americans then made frequent reference to the fact that Russia was our enemy. This set the stage for sanctions. Then we provoked Russia's response to our provocations like the coup in Ukraine in which we were able to install American friendly people in the coup government. Then whenever there was some awful crime like poisoning, immediately Russia was painted as the culprit, actually Putin was the culprit as we wanted to use Putin as our target.Then when Trump was meeting with Putin, Trump was goaded by our corporate press, and our venal politicians to confront Putin about meddling in American elections. They knew Putin would have to deny any allegations even if they were true. This would give us an excuse to tighten the sanctions. However Trump di not perform as we wanted him and played nice with Putin. this infuriated our politicians and our war industries so they formed a lynch mob aimed at lynching Trump. And Trump was an inviting target. So now they have everyone in Congress psyched up to levy increased sanctions on Russia. And they are in firm control now so there will be more and more wild charges and provocations levied at Russia. This is how the great game of world empire is being played.

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No proof of a God creator!! You see proof all around you. water is a miraculous substance. You think that was some sort of coincidence? I look at a tree and what goes on is miraculous. the trouble is you simply do not appreciate what goes on. Now when Christ changed water into wine , it was acclaimed as a miracle, yet God does this every day, every day we see water being changed into wine. Those are none so blind as those who will not see. As for frightening people that is what our news media and secular governments maintain thier power. Even agnostically inclined physicists are recognizing that all this that exists cannot be attributed to chance, as there are just too many things that cannot be explained as happening by chance. The probabilities that it is all a matter of chance are beyond conjecture, really.

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Yes they burned Brno at stake. I won't try to justify this, but Brno was not burned for advancing any scientific truth. What my point was that the Catholic church was not an enemy of science, rather there is considerable evidence the Church was responsible for the development of science in the West. There were some ugly things done in the course of religious controversies, yes but it is wrong to say the church was anti-science.

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These are the facts regarding Galileo, in case anyone is interested. The Vatican and the future Pope , when Galileo began to publish his theory that the solar system was heliocentric, invited Glileo to lecture the members of the Vatican on his new theories and treated Galileo's theories with respect. He was told he could continue to teach his theory. The only thing Galleo was warned against is that he should not claim that his theories were fact unless he could prove that they were. Until he was able to provide proof of heliocentric, the Vatican told Glee he should only state that this was a theory. A rather reasonable proposition. Galileo claimed he had proof, but the proof he cited in support was found to be erroneous, and did not prove the truth that the earth revolved around the sun. It was a case that while Galileo's conjecture was true, still at that time he counld not establish a scientific proof. But Galileo, who was a very quarrelsome individuals then published a lampoon of the Poem, a Pope who had supported Galileo, which made enraged the vatican, and encouraged the enemies of Galleo to bring him to trial. While being tried at the Vatican, galileo was not tortured, inst\ead had his now private chef to prepare his meals. He eventually was only convicted of the lesser charge f being suspect f heresy, and that finding was not signed by three of the ten Cardinals on the jury. An excellent history of the trial was the book by Arthur Koestler, an atheistic Jew who confessed his bias against the Catholic church in his preface, after studying all the evidence and the original documents issued the Conclusion that the Catholic church had not declared Galileo a heretic and Galileo's intransigence, and quarrelsomeness was more to blame for his trial. But the myth is that Galileo was persecuted by the Church for teaching that the Earth revolved about the sun which turned out to be the truth. But today the myths are believed because they have been repeated until they are considered truths. Just like today.

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Our leaders realize the importance of making heroes of all our governmental players along with their wives, I.e the deification of Barbara Bush. That way American s will continue to unquestionably believe that we are an exceptional people led by exceptional leaders.

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The empire, is being goaded to destroy Iran by splitting Iran into small warring central American size in order to exploit their resources and to enable Israel to be the top dog in the area of the middle east. We have two ways of attain9ing our aims. We can ruin them economically by crippling sanctions that make the Iranians turn on their government and engage in internecine wars in that area. If this doesn't work we can always level the country with bombs.
Tase are our favorite tactics to dominate. But as long as we are participating in a pact that ensures Iran will not develop nuclear weapons we have no excuse for hitting Iran with crippling sanctions, nor could we bomb the country back to the stone age. Withdrawing from the treaty with Iran allows us to invent plausible reasons for ruining Iran by sanctions or by simply destroying Iran by level with our bomb. That is why we had to withdraw from the treaty. If Iran then starts work on making nuclear weapons we will have an excuse to destroy the country of Iran.You don't build an Empire by being guided by Christian ethics. We are so powerful we can do what ever we want to expand our control. Especially since we have our "free press" to brain wash the booboisie here in America.

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And along with all the above, there are powerful and influential groups that have their sights set on weakening Russia economically in order to effect a regime change and render the vast Russian territory and natural resources open to our exploitation. In order to keep tightening the economic and financial noose around the Russian Federation we need to manufacture reasons for levying one set of sanctions after another a being penalties for Ruin bad behavior. This is made possible by the control this group exercises over our media . Members of the media quickly realize that if they are not rem players they ar out of a job. If they are team players they can make a very good living. So they all spend most of their time castigating the evils Russia has done. This blends in with the Democrat desire to regain the spoils of governing from the Republican party.

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Was Lincolnany les a war criminal when he sent an Army into the Southern states in order to keep them from seceding, though they did not try to overthrow the government of the loyal States? How many lives did this destroy? Was George Bush any less a war criminal for initiating an invasion, an aggressive war against Iraq based on lies that destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousand innocent women and children initiating a chaos that show s no signs of stopping 15 years later. Was LBJ no less a war criminal for encouraging a war between South Vietnam and the northern vietnamese and then entering the war on the side of South Vietnam, using the chemical weapons of Agent Orange and napalm alongside dropping millions of cluster bombs that today more than fifty years later is still causing the deaths of many children.

You don approve of Assad, but not a peep when your own behave criminally.

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I never lived in Nazi Germany, but I di live in the U.S. contemporaneously with Nazi Germany just before WWII and at that time I observed the climate the Nazi's had established there in Germany. I contrasted that with living in the U.S. Our soldier icons were Bill Mauldin's bedraggled Willie and Joe. We didn't glorify war then like the Nazis did, we did not all wear American flags in order to demonstrate our patriotism, like the Nazi's with their Hitler saluting and gung ho spit and polish, we scorned the Nazi when they sang Deutschland uber Alles, and there was the Nazis boast that Germans were a superior race. But today Americans chant "USA.USA. USA," and brag that we are an exceptionl people, we hold elaborate military spectacles before every, every major ports even culminating in emotional singing of our National anthem by some popular celebrity. Every member of Congress and most politicians always appear in Public sporting a lapel pin of the American Flag today, which I don't recall they did in WWII, even. Well the thing was they didn't have to then. I will tell you much of this reminds me of the climate in Nazi Germany that I remember observing during the late thirties and WWII.