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Lol did they know pokemon game has safe build in it? If we drive over the speed i think 25kmj for motor n car maybe lesser depend the meter calculation each transpprt, the game will halt n warning. Pokemon mean pocket monster lol not god. Lol

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Also can do neirghbourhood watch what? Buglar also hard to do work lol. Lot ppl wondering around till morning.

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Lucky pokemon not make all the pokestop at rumah ayam or pub or nightclub. How u feel saw our kid hangout at that kind of place lol. We can rest and pray at mosque what? Safe place ehat. Mosque build for resident rite? Ppl are big bous they know the law.

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Idk lol, i think they more katun then pokemon.today no and tomorrow can lol.. Katun betoi

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Look they are happy n not stress. If riot, lot damage n angry bird ppl. Lol. Idk how ppl think now days.

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That human error, not app fault lol. Weird now days ppl keep blaming wrong thing. Lol.

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Some ppl love football watch at mamak till very late night. Some love going to pub. Some love play pokemon. Some love thus and that. Why banning? Ppl love what they do. That make them happy n stres relief. Stop being kiddo. Lol

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Lol kedah should ban muslim wear legging. Not games.

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Hello, sorry if my writing a bit hurting and kids level english. Haha. Well... I try pokemon yesterday, i go to part there alot of pokestop. Seem they did a great job putting tons there. Recreation patrk, ppl can jog and there a big field. Kinda safe are do cycle and jog.

I went the on wednesday and i amazed thetre its like a weekend situation lot of people. Wonder what there?some sitting relax, walking, and etc. Mostly busy with pokemon. It 10pm i arrived there. Malay, indian chinese and etc walking in group looking for monster. Seem they happy mixing each other and share knowlegde n meetings new friends. Seem kinda healthy activites.

So i try that night, i just van believe i walked idk how many time circulate at jog lane. I think 5 km. Good air and i feel good. My leg workout. Im happy and others look happy. Seem there vetry safe place to play pokemon n ppl should know how to play the right way. Some play in a car n some play while driving n it safe at after 11pm no more traffic at that time. Seem everyone take percaution n carefully. Well we all grown up ppl, we are big boys now we now how to think. Even rempit kid turn to pokemon, not making noise at park. Pub lesser visitors lol. Feel great i miss this kind of crowd for years. Walking happy n cheer. It kinda good medication for rid stress. All ppl happy we will too. Right?

Here come the real speech, this game came with new tech and will be top notch soon. Malaysia app dev also aciting and eager for them to duplicate this tech to inovate new app for malaysia. Tell me why malaysia aniamtion vcome late? Becoz of this ban thing and not pay attention to tech. All we do fighting each other about money, politics etc that give non benefit. Even bola we not in world list alredy fight like ikan laga lol. Some thing bigger and more wotrst than this did not get any anny their attention. Casino app that can cash out money avilable for phone. Did they kow that? Even i bet they dint install pokemon and test it. Lol that big lol by some of my freinds working in this same tech pokemon making. They lol n lol and say this is nuts. Block a tech and they didnt install and test only read world article and make conclusion. It only version 1, later after several fix pokemon will be safe to play. Relax still version 1. Wtf? Lol.

Some my friend and i agree, some our ppl like a cave men. When see a fire bon they run like hell scared.something new came out they scared like shit. Some say not good coz pokemon is kinda god thing. I mean wtf? It just a cartoon scient fiction and its not real. Some say they will be injured while play. So far i know only hot place n safe, the rate pokemon spawning is high. All my friend still do work pray etc etc. Like in say we are big boys. Cmon we doing fun thing not roberry or gangstersm thing.

Well i hope pokemon not such a big issue in malaysia. It will shame if other country know it that we ban. What r thry gonne thing about it? Our coutry there no risk place like clif even hard to get signal to to far into woods. Lol. The last n not lease they speech is not in their arena in this tech. Do no anything about this tech. We should glad the dev of pokemon willing to host this game in malaysia. Thus opportunity dosent came alot in malaysia. We should be proud we are listed. Ok then have nice day. Sorry for my bad word.