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To be clear. I am not a republican. I am a Conservative. When I look at all the parties out there to see where I can find candidates who are conservative, the majority are found in the republican party. It is unfortunate that many may not be in office. Just look at John McCain. He was a republican, but not really a Conservative. Look at all the other candidates who were more Conservative and didn't win. Throwing the baby out with the bath water doesn't solve the proplem. While the idea of a Constatution party may sound good. It's not going to change things in the immediate future. I prefer to work within the Republican party, supporting real conservative candidates in the primary elections. If a moderate wins the republican primary, I will vote for the most conservative candidate in the general election regardless of which party their from.

629 weeks ago @ Glenn Beck - The 912 P... - 3/25/09 - 3/28/09 · 2 replies · +1 points

Don't waste your time emailing KO. We need to remember there is a certain percentage of commited leftist's out there. You are not going to change their minds. These are the KO watchers. If your like me...most of your friends and the people you associate with are like minded as you, and they already feel mostly the same as you do and most likley vote like you.

What we need to do is extend our reach. We need to commnicate to the people in the middle. Those people whom we come in contact to on a daily basis that we might not normally talk about politics to. A calm, well reasoned and articulate message about what your concerns are, and whats happening. Plant a seed.

I've seen posts regarding a new or "third party". I think we have to work within the system we have. For better or worse, we are a two party system. We need to get out and support REAL conservative candidates within the Republican Party. In many states, if you are in a third party, you can not vote in the primary as a republican and will have no say as to who that candidate is.